SAAS Industrial, LLC

SAAS Industrial, LLC, San Antonio, Texas, 78244, United States


SAAS INDUSTRIAL, LLC is an innovative international company, with more than 15 years experienced in machining, metal mechanic, transportation, assembly and manufacturing, focused on meeting customer expectations. We have a team of 40 qualified associates, including sales and logistics representatives in the USA located in Michigan and Texas to support customer requirements, as well as a facility in Mexico of 500 mts2 (~5,300 sq. ft.) of production floor available to manufacture your product.

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Manufacturing Capabilities


2 CNC Lathe machine with shock of 11” and bed around of 27” lenght

2 Industrial brush of 24”

2 Milling machine with worktable of 54”

2 Wire welding machine power source 600Amp. Lincoln

3 Infra 300 AMP. 220 / 440 VOLTS

ARCW Wire welding machine

Enco lathe with shock of 3” to 12” and bed around of 37” lenght

Enterprise lathe with shock of 27” and bed aropund of 118” length

Gear generating machines for spur, Helical and Crowns up to 1m diameter

Horizontal Milling machine with worktable of 1.20mts

Industrial Drill with 1/8” Drill bit to 2 ½”

Lincoln 300 AMP 220 / 440 VOLTS

Lincoln 35 / 170 AMP. 220 / 440 VOLTS Tick High Frecuency

Lincoln 35 / 250 AMP. 220 VOLTS

Lincoln 40 / 300 AMP. 220 VOLTS

Machining Deparment

Monarch lathe with shock of 18” to 22” and bed around of 68” lenght

Nardini lathe with shock of 16” to 20” and bed around of 100” lenght

Welding and Assembly Departmen

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