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R&R Metalcraft 

1104 E 17th Street, Rock Falls, Illinois, 61071, United States


By combining precision sheet metal fabrication and the distinction of value-added sheet metal solutions, we have been able to develop a fairly extensive product offering. With that in mind, it is naturally dificult for us to describe each and every sheet metal product that we offer. Since our skills in sheet metal fabrication are so multi-faceted, we have classified our sheet metal products into the following broad segments to help you pin-point your specific fabrication needs: Precision CNC Machining CNC Machining and Balancing General Sheet Metal Fabrication Custom Indoor Enclosures Custom Outdoor Enclosures Standard Enclosures Custom Housings To better your understanding of our metal fabrication capabilities, our product offerings can be further segmented by the industries that we serve. The following are some of the industries where our sheet metal fabrication talents have been utilized: Industrial Equipment Industry (Fabrication of Machine Frames, Control Boxes, etc.) Electrical Electronic Equipment Industry (Fabrication of Nema, Rack Mount, etc.) Commercial Products Industry (Fabrication of components for Medical Equipment, Graphic Printing Machinery, Commercial Food Industry, and many more...) Quality Above All While our product offerings are extremely diverse, it takes far more than variety to be a quality sheet metal shop. To maintain a quality sheet metal operation, there are essentially two key elements---design and precision. Sheet Metal Design: By sheet metal design, we are basically referring to the engineering component of our business. While we will design our customers' sheet metal products from the ground up, that pure sheet metal design work represents only a small fraction of the over-all design element that we excel at. While some may think that sheet metal design does not apply when working from a pre-existing blue print, that perception cannot be further from the truth. Every new print that comes our way, in a sense, must be converted to its own unique sheet metal design, in order to be properly interpreted by production. Once the proper sheet metal design has be implemented, this serves as an instruction manual for enabling a smooth production flow. Having the right instructions is half the battle, as it not only directly affects the quality of the product, but it also helps in keeping the production costs down---saving you both money and time. Precision Sheet Metal Shop: As a precision sheet metal shop, it requires that we take the design element to a whole new level. The combination of detailed work instructions and a highly skilled production team is what separates our precision sheet metal shop from that of a crude job shop environment. There are several elements that contribute to being classified as a precision sheet metal shop. A few of the key characteristics include: workmanship, attention to detail, and commitment to quality. With any skilled labor force, there is a level of pride and dignity that gets put into each and every job that runs through the shop. This is what contributes to the workmanship aspect of the precision equation. Furthermore, when dealing with extremely tight tolerances, attention to detail becomes yet another essential ingredient to the precision sheet metal mix. When every thousandth of an inch is crucial, we have taken special care in hiring professionals who recognize the importance of fit and finish . Finally, the glue that holds it all together and makes a precision sheet metal shop a true precision sheet metal shop is the commitment to quality. Whether it be quality checks after every operation, thorough final inspections, or customer "first article" review, we have all the policies in place to assure that your product will meet or exceed your expectations. RR Metalcraft 1104 E. 17th St Rock Falls, IL 61071 Ph: (815) 625-1081; Fax: (815) 625-2990;

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