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What do we do? At RMT Products, we provide exceptional CNC Machining and Rapid Prototyping services to support your product development and manufacturing needs. Our team is highly experienced and strive for continuous improvement in everything we do. We can help you produce your parts quickly, repeatably, with excellent finish quality and at a reasonable price. How do we do it? In addition to our highly seasoned team, we continuously invest in some of the world’s best equipment. From our Akira-Seiki high-speed machining centers and our Akira-Seiki lathes, we utilize the right equipment for the job because we are passionate for precision and achieving high efficiency. We complement that with a complete set of inspection equipment you would expect to find in a professional facility. We have CMMs with Renishaw probes, optical projectors, thread gauges, pin gauges, and high-quality inspection equipment which is regularly calibrated under our ISO9001 quality management syste

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Manufacturing Capabilities


STAR CNC Swiss Lathes

High Precision Lathes

LSR and Rubber Injection Presses from 35 tons (80cc's medical LSR) to 500 tons (15# shot)

Haas SL30 CNC Lathe

3, 4 and 5 axis CNC Machines

3D Printing

injection moulding

Stamping - up to 400 Tonnes

Surface treatment & coating services

Turning Centres

5-Axis CNC machining center

CNC machine HAAS

Deep Hole Drilling Machine

Screw & Swiss machining

CMM Projector Vernier Caliper Depth Caliper Micrometer Height Gauge

all kinds of machine frame and structure

Aircraft / Aerospace machining parts

CMM machine

Digital Caliper

Micrometer with Precision 0.001mm

Height Gauge


Go No Go Gauge

CNC turning center No.1 (Make-Jyoti)

CNC turning center No.1 (Make-Jyoti)

Urethane Casting

LSR and Rubber Injection Presses from 35 tons (80cc's medical LSR) to 500 tons (15# shot)


Akira Seike 4-axis verticle mill


Akira Seike 4-axis verticle mill


Urethane casting

SLA SLS 3D printing

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