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Ridgway Powdered Metals, Inc. 

6931 Ridgway-St. Marys Road, Ridgway, Pennsylvania, 15853, United States


Ridgway Powdered Metals, Inc. has been providing precision components to various industries for more than 50 years. We are located in the heart of the most highly-concentrated powder metallurgy industry in the world. RPM has put together an aggressively strong, technical and practial team that is anxious to work with you to produce your PM requirements. We are certified ISO 9001:2008. RPM has recognized the many markets whose requirements have been unavailable for PM manufacture. It has, as a result, equipped itself with the capabilities - both in equipment and technical knowledge - that can supply the complexities and advanced properties such markets demand. Ridgway Powdered Metals, Inc. looks forward to working with you in aiding the development of your PM needs. We will provide cost-efficient savings and develop long lasting, honest relationships!

Our Work

Manufacturing Capabilities


1 Grit Blaster for Burr Removal

1 High Temp Sintering Furnace

1 Mitchel 12 Ton Compaction Press

38 Compaction Presses ranging from 6 to 550 Ton

3-Stokes R 20 Ton Presses

4 Sintering Furnaces

4 Tumblers for Burr Removal

4-Stokes R Compacting Presses

5- Stokes R 20 Ton Compaction Presses

5-Stokes R Compaction Presses

6 Sizing and Coining Prtesses ranging from 6 to 50 Ton

60-650 ton die casting machine


CNC machines: 30 sets

Haas ST-20


Home appliances

Materials Handling


MTS Advanced All in One Test Equipment

Power Tools

Surface grinders: 1 set

Company Details

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MFG Member Since



United States


ISO 9001:2008



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