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Servicing popular carburetors like Holley 1920, 2300, 4150, 4160, 4165, 4175, 4180, 4190, Edelbrock AFB Performer & AVS Thunder, and Stromberg WW series carbs.

Rebuilding carburetors to factory spec, your spec, or somewhere in between.

Ready-to-install used/rebuilt carburetors are also available.

The cleaning & prep process includes aviation-quality degreasers, rust & corrosion eliminators, steam & ultrasonic cleaning, polishers & brighteners, and plenty of elbow grease leaving a natural and clean patina. Media blasting is not used during any process.

All carburetor renews include only the highest quality ethanol-compatible components from sources like Holley, Edelbrock, Braswell, BLP, AED, Walker, and others.

Rebuilt carburetors typically cost 45-65% less than new.

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Manufacturing Capabilities


Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaner - 40KHZ - Heated

Aqueous Parts Cleaner - Pressurized Flow

Steam Cleaner - fashioned to clean orifice & passageways

Analog & Digital Micrometers

Digital Gram Scale

Low-Read Inch/Lb Torque Wrenches

Holley Carburetor - Specialized Tools

Stromberg Carburetor - Specialized Tools

Edelbrock Carburetor - Specialized Tools

Aqueous Metal Brighteners

Aqueous Metal Corrosion Removers

Aqueous Degreasers

Low-RPM Belt Sander & Abrasive Tools

Variable PSI Air Compressor

Hot-Rinse Station

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