Prestige Manufacturing Services

Carr 159 Km 11.0 Bo Dos Bocas, Corozal, Puerto Rico, 00783, Puerto Rico


Prestige Manufacturing Services is a company dedicated to the specialized manufacture, optimization of processes, elaboration of pieces, analysis and improvements in mechanisms of production. With approximately 13 years of experience and 6 years of operation, Prestige has its metallurgy and digital manufacturing workshop. We provide equipment and mechanisms adjusted to the requirements of our market, the parameters of mechanical engineering and satisfy part of the demand of the pharmaceutical industry. Vision Our vision is to position ourselves in the market, local and international, as leaders in the handling of materials and industrial production processes. Our vision can be summarized in a key position: PRESTIGE MANUFACTURING SERVICES ... WE DO KNOW METALS! Mission Our focus is to optimize and provide high quality in different countries. Prestige aims to be recognized (and requested) for its precision and dedication (services) in the local and international scenario. We aim to contribute to the innovation of the products through the optimization in the manufacturing processes (a good requested by the current customers); To become increasingly a full service center for demanding markets, such as pharmaceuticals (current customers), but also for similar markets. Company overview Prestige is distinguished in the market by its quality, precision and speed. We contribute to the productivity and efficiency of our clients' projects. Our offer is wide, and we include in this report some services that we usually provide: Commercial signs in stainless steel Spare parts for lines and industrial assembly systems. Process improvements for home appliance manufacturers (improvements in production equipment and materials). Analysis and improvement of cycles, in assembly lines (food packers). Programming and machining of machines, for example: "CNC machine", "Milling", "Lathe", Plasma, Wire, 3D printer, 3D Scanner and Routers. Bases for valves of industrial drinking water lines (public and private). Analysis and improvements of motors and fluids (complex mechanics workshops-circuit cars). Design in 2D and 3D parts of manufacturing and miscellaneous, with flow analysis and parts optimization. Product and Services: Machine Prestige currently owns and manages manufacturing equipment, such as CNC machine, Milling, Lathe, Plasma, Wire, 3D printer, 3D Scanner and Routers.

Our Work

Manufacturing Capabilities


14x60 Graziano Sag 14

CAD design and CAM machining

Charmilles Robofil 300 Wire EDM

Chiron 3D Printer

CNC Plasmacam Cutter

Computer Aided design

CWT Balancing Machine

Haas TM 2

Haas tm 2 4 axis

Haas TM 2 4 axis Nasa Milling CNC Hardinge Cobra 42 Thermwood C50 Plasmacam Charmilles Robofil 300

Haas VF3

Harding Cobra 42 Lathe

Lincoln 180 HD Mig Welder

List CNC Machine Haas TM 2 4 axis Nasa Milling CNC Hardinge Cobra 42 Thermwood C50 Plasmacam Charm

Miller Syncrowave 250 DX Tig Welder

Mori Seiki SL-25SY/1000

Nasa Milling CNC

NextEngine 3d Laser Scanner

Thermwood C50 Router

Welding – Mig – Tig –

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