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3407 Dalworth St., Arlington, Texas, 76011, United States


OUR VISION STATEMENT Premier Components, Inc. strives to be a valuable resource to both our Customers and Principals by conducting the sales process with qualified sales professionals that work within a framework of consistent and documented processes. We employ active decision making processes in our "Forward Thinking Approach" to business. We will continue to grow the agency by remaining profitable and having a clearly defined plan for the future. OUR COMPANY PROFILE ESTABLISHED: September 1982 SIZE: We have six Outside Sales Representatives, One Inside Sales Person and One Administrative Manager. OBJECTIVE: Our primary objective is to continue to build a sales agency that both our customers and principals consider to be the "PREMIER" sales agency for component parts. There are three primary steps in reaching our objective. First, cultivate a customer following through service and quality so that Premier Components and the companies we represent are thought of first for mechanical and electro mechanical components. Second, carefully select a principal base that meets our customer needs and leads to long lasting partnerships. Third, assemble the right personnel that can provide a sales and service effort that results in profitable, long-term relationships between Premier, our principals, and our customers. TERRITORY: Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Cities of Mexico bordering Texas. CUSTOMER BASE: Our customer base consists of OEM manufacturers, their contract manufacturers, and distributors in a variety of industries. Our sales approach has developed a broad base of customers. These accounts range from Fortune 500 companies such as; Alcatel USA, Johnson Controls, and Halliburton to smaller companies that may have only one requirement that we can service. We feel a customer base that crosses industry lines and contains companies of various sizes insulates Premier and our principals from swings in the economy that can affect a single industry. This philosophy has proven itself over the years. Despite fluctuation in the econoym, our agency sales have continued to grow. PRINCIPAL BASE: Premier's principal base consists of companies that primarily manufacture mechanical and electro mechanical components. We have made an effort to keep our lines as compatible as possible to make our sales effort efficient. We are very proud of the fact that we have a history of longevity with our principal base, in that most of our principals have been with us for over five years. SALES EFFORT: We feel to have an effective sales effort it must be: (1) PROFESSIONAL (2) ASSERTIVE (3) PERSISTENT (4) WELL MANAGED We make it a point to define our customer's needs and the timeliness of their requirements so that we can better determine when they should next be contacted. As sales is very much a name recognition business, our persistence allows us to make a habit of being in the right place at the right time. In addition to personal calls, we conduct periodic mailings and e-mail contacts, which are then followed up with a telemarketing effort to increase the effectiveness of the mailings. This allows us to contact more people in a large geographic area and pinpoint our personal sales calls. The results are bonafide opportunities for orders that, when coupled with proper follow up, result in business that is mutually profitable. On an annual basis, we forecast sales dollars by customer for each principal. The forecast is monitored throughout the year to help direct our sales effort.

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