Precision Machine of Savannah

8 Telfair Place, Savannah, Georgia, 31415, United States


Precision Machine Of Savannah, Inc. (PMS) was founded in 1988 and quickly established itself as a quality supplier of precision machined detail parts and assemblies. PMS expanded and soon placed a facility on 15 acres just outside of Savannah, Georgia. Today PMS has over 60,000 square feet of manufacturing space and employs over 80 of the finest engineers, machinists and support personnel. PMS's main competencies include soft and hard metal machining of tight tolerance requirements, complete inspection capabilities and complex assembly production. Additional capabilities include programming, modeling, engraving, conventional machining, brake forming, flow testing, sealant curing, pressure testing and kitting.

Our Work

Manufacturing Capabilities


Cincinnati 950 3 Spdl Gantry, 5-Axis, 10k RPM, 55 b/w Spdl, 720 x 168 x 33

HAAS Mill, 3-Axis, 4k RPM, Envelope 36 x 10 x 10

HAAS Mill, 4-Axis, 4k RPM, Envelope 36 x 10 x 10

HAAS VF3, 5-Axis, 4k RPM, Envelope 60 x 20 x 24

Kitamura, 4-Axis, 10k RPM, Envelope 30 x 18 x 17

Matsuura H-Plus 630, 4-Axis, 12k RPM, Envelope 40 x 39 x 35

Matsuura MC-600H, 4-Axis, 4k RPM, Envelope 20 x 20 x 17

Okuma 4000 Trunnion, 3 Each, 5-Axis, 15k RPM, Envelope 18.11 x 18.11 x 29.13

Okuma 550, 3-Axis, 6k RPM, Envelope 50 x 22 x 23

Okuma 560, 3-Axis, 15k RPM, Envelope 41.34 x 22.05 x 18.11

Okuma 6300V, 5-Axis, 10k RPM, Envelope 32 x 21 x 23

Okuma 650, 3-Axis, 6k RPM, Envelope 60 x 26 x 25

Okuma 852, 5-Axis, 6k RPM, Envelope 80 x 34 x 30

Okuma 853, 5-Axis, 12k RPM, Envelope 120 x 36 x 30

Okuma L3000-E-500 Lathe, 3800 RPM, 20.47 Length

Okuma L3000-MY-EX-450 Lathe, 3800 RPM, 17.71 Length

Okuma LB3000EX II Lathe, 5k RPM, 19.69 Length

Okuma MA600H, 2 Each, 4-Axis, 6k RPM, Envelope 40 x 39 x 37.5

Okuma OSP700L-6 Lathe, 3500 RPM

SNK HP-120B, 3 Each, 5-Axis, 20k RPM, Envelope 120 x 48 x 30

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Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer

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United States


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English-SpeakingJob Shop / Contract ManufacturerMFG Verified? YesUnited States-Based ManufacturingISO 9001
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