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Phase 3 Technologies, Inc. will help you gain a competitive edge by managing your Printed Circuit Board needs. P3TI is based in the heart of Silicon Valley and our highly experienced PCB specialists have spent decades learning the various technical aspects of PCB fabrication, P3TI created partnerships around the globe to bring together the best manufacturing facilities to meet those needs. For over 10 years, the people at P3TI have developed a process to bring OEM and EMS customers a precision “global” supply chain solution that is managed around the clock.

Specific ways P3TI simplifies managing your PCB requirements include:

  • PCB Fabrication
  • PCB Assembly
  • Prototypes
  • Quick Turn
  • Value-Added Services
  • Box Build
  • Cable Assembly and Wire Harnesses to related services ·

Faster ≠ Costlier

One of the main concerns when it comes to a quick turn build is price. We offer competitive pricing on all our builds, quick turn included, and are happy to extend flexible payment options and schedules to our customers.

On PCBA’s we can discuss that all surface mount assemblies are run through our AOI (automated optical inspection) machine to ensure a perfect assembly makes its way to you. Our AOI checks every component and placement for solder joint acceptability, component presence, orientation, defect, and even component marking. Worried about bottom terminated components like BGAs? Don’t! We X-ray bottom termination components and can easily handle pitches 0.4mm and lower.

Design For Manufacturability

Reliability and price don’t normally go together, but our DFM recommendations are an attractive combination of both. We provide options for a more reliable product at a more cost-effective price point.

From simple design choices to in-depth manufacturing reliability suggestions, we’re focused on improving the quality and lifespan of your product. The best part? With our end-to-end solutions, we can make recommendations starting at the individual component level and ending with the final consumer packaging.

Lightning Fast Quotes

With your prototype, you have a lot of things to think about – wondering where your quote is, shouldn’t be one of them. We provide accurate quotes in as little as one business day. With our team actively sourcing components only from franchised distributors to and authorized distributors, speaking with factories directly, and consulting with fabrication companies, you can rest easy knowing we've already done the heavy lifting.

I want to continue moving forward in working together and focus on our strengths for customer(s) success.

We are UL certified and carry individual ISO certifications such as ISO9001:2008, ISO9002, ISO14001:2004, ISO 13485, QS9000, AS9000, AS9100, ISO/TS16949, TL9000, IPC6012, IPC6013 CLASS II AND CLASS III, ITAR and MIL31032. We have Nadcap company level accreditation based on specific processes used by aerospace suppliers.

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