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PDI - Plastic Designs, Inc. 


PDI is a tier 1 supplier of injection molded and thermoformed parts that match your specifications. We make parts and products for companies in a variety of industries including automotive, sporting goods, construction, wind energy, and agriculture. Injection Molding 10 Injection Molding machines running 3 shifts a day - we have the capacity to make millions of your parts every year Our smallest press is 90T capable of making high precision parts as small as a dime Our largest press is 880T capable of making parts as big as a chair Part picking robots on our molding machines means that your parts can arrive scratch free and lower cost Thermoforming (Vacuum Forming) 3 Thermoforming machines Capable of making parts 0.020 - 0.300" thick Capable of making parts up to 5'x10' in size Tooling / Engineering Tooling and mold maintenance inhouse If desired, we can source a lower cost mold from our partnered tool shop in Taiwan and make your parts in the US Our engineers can help design your part We will always make recommendations if we think we can change the design to make it higher quality or more affordable Quality Honored as a zero defect supplier by Mitsubishi 8 years in a row Every job gets a custom quality inspection plan which may include check fixtures, go/no-go fixtures, cooling fixtures, etc…

Our Work

Manufacturing Capabilities


10 Injection Molding Machines 90T - 880T

14x60 Graziano Sag 14

3 Rotary Thermoforming Machines

3 Thermoforming Machines

90T Injection Molding Machines


Chiron 3D Printer

CNC - 10 units

CNC Routers and Machining Centers

Haas Mini-Mill

Inhouse tool maintenance

Injection molding

injection molding 20-3500T

Injection Molding Machines

Insert and Over Molding

Mill Bridgeport

Mold & Die Making


Part Picking Robots on some machiens

Part Picking Robots on Some Machines



Vacuum Forming

Wire Cutting, Plasma Cutter, Water Jet

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United States



PDI - Plastic Designs, Inc. 

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