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PAAR Precision Industries 

93 E Market Street, Freemansburg, Pennsylvania, 18017, United States


Paar Precision was forged in the heart of Bethlehem in the shadow of one of the most successful manufacturing companies in US history. A few blocks away, the legendary, mountainous smoke stacks dominate the skyline as monuments to the steadfast work ethic and unstoppable, trustworthy production of the American people. It is with these dependable principles that Paar Precision was established over 30 years ago.In 1978 a humble immigrant from Hungary saw the need for both quantity and quality. With only a little more then his honest work ethic, Stephen Paar took his shot at the American dream. He founded Paar Precision, and began making precision tuned components... in a chicken coop. From the start, he showed customers a commitment to efficiency and honesty; never allowing any "funny business" to compromise his reputation for consistent and flawless production. Once companies got wind of his solid business practices, the orders began to pour in. Soon, the cramped chicken coop could no longer contain the operations and it was time to upgrade the facilities. Since then, Paar Precision has continued to grow and persevere despite the many economic roller coasters of the past few decades. After nearly 30 years of development and improvement, Stephen Paar sold the company to Jay Johnson in 2007. With his decades of experience in manufacturing and virtuous perspective of business operations Jay Johnson has lead the company through one of the most unstable financial crises of our time. In 2011, while many companies continued to struggle and even close their doors during this unprecedented recession, Paar Precision has shown the highest percentage growth since the last decade.Paar Precision continues to operate as a proven company, prepared to meet all of your precision turned component needs. One of our core values is open and honest communication with all our business partners. Both customers and vendors. Please feel free to explore our GALLERY and discover the variety of industries and products produced by par precision.

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14x60 Graziano Sag 14

Chiron 3D Printer

Mill Bridgeport

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