Ouke Acrylic product company

Longgang,Shenzhen, Shenzhen, ?? (Guangdong), 518000, China


SHENZHENOUKE ACRYLIC PRODCT MANUFACTURE LTD. Co., GUANGDONG, CHINA, we are professional in produce jewelry display rack and display cabinet, Acrylic cigarette&alcohol display racks, Acrylic telephone&watch display racks, Acrylic clothing&Accessories display racks,Acrylic hotel&KTV supplies,what more,we are also professional in produce series Acrylic gift boxes,Acrylic photo frame,Acrylic baths,Acrylic Hand washing station,Acrylic plates etc.. Now, we are cooperate with Clow Tai Fook and Sotirio Bulgari jewelry company and lot of companies and make lot of Acrylic products for them, therefore, we have wealth of experience in display products design and produce.We are sincerely cooperate with you firm.

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“Ouke” company’s plant area about 3000 square meters and built-in with advanced die-cutting / fuel i

SHENZHEN OUKE ACRYLIC PRODCT MANUFACTURE Co. LTD. is a company which professional in designing and p

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Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer



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