NU-CO Tool Inc. 

1408 E. Upas Ave., McAllen, Texas, 78501, United States


NU-CO TOOL INC. (NU-CO) is a minority owned corporation, founded on the belief and practice of quality and continuous improvement. NU-CO not only operates as a "job shop" or a "made to order" producer of parts and components, but we also operate as a production facility. NU-CO is a machining supplier to nine major industries: automotive, aerospace, glass, aluminum, domestic paper products, bottle capping, electronics/computers, medical equipment, and The United States Federal Governments (primarily the Department of Defense). NU-CO's current customer base consists of quality-dedicated corporations that allow for the focus of mutual goals and ensures their fulfillment.NU-CO headquarters is conveniently located in South Texas, near the border of Mexico; thus, having an advantage of business commerce with international markets. Our physical mailing address is 7310 N. Liberty, Edinburg, TX 78541, and is conveniently located on the frontage road of North Expressway 281 (officially designated as NAFTA I-69), a major thoroughfare in the area. NU-CO provides quality tool and die services nationwide and internationally. Transportation services are facilitated through the use of common carriers such as Federal Express (FEDEX) and United Parcel Service (UPS).NU-CO is the first manufacturing facility in the City of Edinburg's North Industrial Park. The building was constructed in 2004, and is 24,000 square feet. The building is a 100% climate-controlled manufacturing facility. NU-CO manufactures parts in a variety of materials. These materials include, but are not limited to: cold or hot rolled mild steels, tool steels, alloy steels, stainless steels, bronze and brass, copper alloys, aluminum alloys, plastic and rubber. Typical product parts include perishable tooling, gaging, fixtures, jigs and special machines as well as short and long run production parts that are machined to customer specifications. NU-CO products convey the message that quality and service are proof of commitments to continuous improvement. NU-CO is aware of the importance of quality and continuous improvement as it affects the global markets of competition. During the past several years, NU-CO has been expanding its efforts in TQM (Total Quality Management) our goal for future expansion is to become QS 9001 Certified, to better serve our customers. NU-CO plans to remain updated in technology through machinery, equipment, personnel and total philosophy of the company. With the innovative manufacturing applications of NU-CO employees and management, the company has a clear and direct path toward future success.

Our Work

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Manufacturing Capabilities


3x CNC Milling

Mill: HASS VF-2 CNC (US)

Excavator, bulldozer, loader

Mill: Brother TC-S2CZ CNC (Japan)

Southbend Lathe

Machining of Castings

Salt Spray Testing Machine

Ultrasonic Testing Machine

Other Machining



Broaching Machine


Presses (up to 300 ton)

Non-Ferrous Metals

other drill lathe

Index Screw Machines

(1) TorchMate 10'x15' HiDef Plasma CNC Profiler

2200 Tons Toshiba Injection Machine

380 Tons Injection Machines

Machinery & Tools

Injection Molding Machines 50 - 320 Tons


Plastics & Rubber

Complex Parts

CNC Milling Center

CNC Lathe Machine

CNC Toolroom

Manual Toolroom Equipment

Welding Equpiment

Welding Equipment

Inspection Equipment CMM


Milltronics ML2640 CNC Lathe 20 Chuck

YCM GT250 CNC Lathe 12 Chuck

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United States




Ratings & Reviews From Buyers

5.00 (6)
Great Job, thank you again!
I COULD"NT HAVE MADE THESE PARTS ANY BETTER. Over all finish was impressive. All dimensions were in tolerance. ON TIME. That's about all I can ask for. Will use again!
NU-CO Was an excellent new supplier for this product! Fast, Effeicient, and great communication! We look forward to doing more work with them in the future.
Jerry is a pleasure to work with. The staff at NU-CO are second to none and so is their work.Parts were as near perfect as could possibly be expected. I will most certainly be sending more their way soon.
Top level supplier, enjoy working with.
nice parts will work with again
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