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Ningbo Zhonglei Machinery Parts Co.,Ltd 

No. 195 Liansheng Road, Gaoqiao Town, Haishu District, Ningbo, 浙江 (Zhejiang), 315010, China


Founded in 1995,Ningbo Zhonglei Machinery Parts Co.,Ltd developed from initial workshops into comparatively complete parts manufacturing enterprise.

The first thing we do when we start making our custom-made machinery parts is to carefully study and make processing techniques, then arrange advanced suitable devices. Otherwise it is impossible to obtain fine goods which can meet the tolerances and specification. We have experienced engineers with over 40 years working in technical field who are in drawing and making technological processing charts by analyzing material physical performances, processing steps and so on. When technicians see the chart they can well understand how to make the parts.

We have a full battery of testing involving all aspects of use and wear for each part and we document each step in to determine performance. If above tolerance or below tolerance occurs, further processing will be stopped. The quality control analyst will check daily the processing records. After one order is finished, the quality control manager will draw out 20% of the order to recheck if all the specifications are in accordance to the records noted down by the technicians. Only then if everything is according to specification, will your order be packed and shipped to you, otherwise the order will not be shipped.

We provide our clients with high quality on time custom-manufactured machinery parts at highly cost-effective rates which will help our clients maintain profitable and competitive price and service in the international market. Our emphasis is serving clients with integrity, efficiency, and professionalism. What is quoted to you by our marketing representative is the price for you will pay for your products delivered to your door. No hidden charges-nothing extra to pay-the quoted price is your final cost.

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3.00 (2)
Refused to honor their quote.
—Buck S, Rock Optics
Manufacturer Reponse
With RFQ quantity of 1000($100,000) as bait, only 10 samples($1000) are actually ordered. For this purpose, we need to invest more than $10,000 in cost and he refuse to pay the mold cost we requested. There is no real purchase for him, only samples!!
—Greg T, Mt. Olympus Consulting
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