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Metsch Refractories 

12413 Ohio River Blvd., Chester, West Virginia, 26034, United States


DesignStarting with your blueprint or drawing and a description of the application, we will first select the most appropriate ceramic composition. Then, we will review the design and suggest any revisions that will reduce the manufacturing cost to the lowest possible level without compromising the functional requirements of the application. Ceramic CompositionsWhatever the operating environment, we have over 40 refractory and porcelain compositions to choose from to stand up to the conditions. If we do not have the optimal body composition for your need, we will formulate one. Refractories MRI Refractories are designed to meet performance requirements such as: High Temperature Exposure Resistance To Thermal Shock Low Erosion Resistance to Wetting PorcelainsMRI Porcelains can withstand operating environments which require: Low Moisture Absorption Electrical Insulation High Strength Wear Resistance Standard tolerances are +/- 1 1/2%, but not less than +/- .010". with a minimum of .020" for the thickness dimensions. Special tolerances are available upon request. Production Our production capability has been developed and continues to be expanded to accommodate varying product sizes and intricate shapes. In forming, we offer one stage standard and vacuum pressing, automatic pressing and extrusion. In firing, we have continuous tunnel kiln capabilities and periodic kiln facilities for those products which require unique firing temperatures. We also diamond cut and grind products to closer tolerances. Quality Control MRI know-how is backed by quality control. The design must be translated into a ceramic product which meets the specifications set for it. Our quality control program assures this. We test and inspect at every stage of the production cycle. From raw materials to finished goods.

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