611 GA-74 South , Peachtree City, Georgia, 30269, United States


Located in Peachtree City, Georgia, MetalTech-USA has the most complete and varied technology to perform all kinds of processes using metal as a raw material. Our capabilities include laser cutting machines to process metals with precision, speed, and without any type of design limitation. Our folding machines give us the guarantee to mold the pieces automatically, with high speeds and without any scratches or damage to the material. We perform manual and automated welding processes to reduce delivery times and improve repeatability. We are confident that at MetalTech you will find the solution to any design need for the fabrication of your metal projects. Our Mission: MetalTech-USA excels to be the No. 1 specialty fabricator and distributor of architectural systems and high-end metals while striving to help make our customer’s vision become a sustainable reality through superior service, quality, and performance.In our efforts to being a customer-driven organization and provide exceptional services to our customers, MetalTech-USA routinely revisits and develops the best practices and processes aimed at providing the ultimate customer experience.Our commitment to excellence is showcased in all we do. From building systems and accessories to tools, we will provide the best solutions for the building and design community.

Manufacturing Capabilities


175 ton press brake

24x100 Graziano Sag 20

Accupress 175 Ton 10' press

Amada LCG 3015 Laser FL6000

Amada Vipros 255

AMADA Vipros 368

Automated Welding Robot

Cidan CNC Folders

CNC Turret Punch Press (2)

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber Laser Machine for Plate, double bed - 3 machines

Fiber Laser Machine for Tube, up to 8 - 1 machine

Five Table Weld Center

Laser Fiber Cutting

Lincoln Electric Robotic Weld Cell

Metal Folding

MIG Welder (4)


Pipe roller (large heavy gauge 10')

RAS Bend Center

Robotic panel bending center

Robotic Weld Cells

Roll Forming

Thalmann Folder 21'

TIG Welder (4)

Track torch/MIG

Weld positioners

Zinc caster

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