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12020 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 100, Reston, Virginia, 20191, United States


Laxocompute puts at your fingertips a comprehensive array of advanced hosting solutions including Cloud Hosting, Hosted Microsoft Exchange®, Hosted SharePoint®, Advanced Virtual and Managed Private Servers (VPS & MPS), Windows Web Servers®, and Custom Website Design. (Running on Microsoft Windows® and Linux® operating systems.)

Laxocompute immediately frees you to test, develop and launch business application systems in a heartbeat. And we assure your ongoing freedom to bypass legacy obstacles and do it again just as quickly and easily in the future, no matter what application opportunity arises, even if new or additional solutions are needed. 

Laxocompute frees you from the limitations imposed by your existing technical infrastructure and resources. We make every solution available on month-to month terms so that you are never locked in.  Because we are independent, you will have access to our objective expertise in arriving at the best solution(s) for your needs, not just right now, but as your needs evolve in the future. 

And no matter the solution you acquire, we deliver an important value-add to insure it bears continuous fruit.

Every Laxocompute hosted solution is guaranteed installation in one of four Top-Tier Data Centers, ultra-robust premium facilities, in the U.S.  Top-Tier Data Centers are classified by the Uptime Institute as ""fundamentally immune to planned and unplanned downtime.""

Finally, we take pains to insure the solutions we offer provide for complete and ongoing operating control by our clients, because that’s what insures their ongoing freedom.  Our clients retain all the control they may want or need to integrate, customize configurations, and install and maintain a wide range of application suites to meet their specific requirements, and to change them at will.  

Our servers are capable of handling a wide range of systems and solutions, including Enterprise Planning System (ERP), Product Life-Cycle Management (PLM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resources, Manufacturing, Financial, Ecommerce, and the like.

To sum it all up, everything we do at Laxocompute is designed to free our clients to seize and leverage the opportunities at hand, and keep them free to identify and seize opportunities as they emerge in the future. 

We’re not about us. Laxocompute is about you, and we look forward to setting you free to succeed!

Order online at www.laxocompute.com!


EMC Storage Area Networks Fiber-channel RAID 10 reliability

64-bit Dell PowerEdge servers


100% SLA-guaranteed temperature & humidity range

Tier-4 facilities

Security CCTV 24x7x365

HiTEC uninterruptible power supply systems and back-up diesel generator power

Direct Internet backbone connection

Netscreen firewalls

Multi-layer security

99.999% Uptime SLA

Data Centers are located in the U.S

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