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Lario Industry Srl 

Via M.d'Oggiono, 29, Oggiono, Lombardia, 23848, Italy


Lario Industry Srl, thanks to its foundry located in China, manufactures different kinds of castings aimed to be used in various fields, going from hydraulic applications (fittings, valves, pumps parts) to the industrial areas (automotive, motorbikes, machine tools, hydraulic gears, etc..) and the food industry (kneading machines, screws, etc..). At the same time, Metal Units supplies a valuable service to those European Companies interested in opening/increasing their businesses in China by offering a local development process along with on site quality inspections to be carried out on mechanical, plastic and ceramic products. Our consulting service is marked by a high technical-engineering contents besides to the economical-trading profile and this synergy allows to our customers to implement their products in China by offering them a double advantage: in terms of reduction of time when starting-up new projects/products and reduction of costs by avoiding those long and expensive trips abroad. Lario Industry acts in China through its associated Company "Orte Quality Ltd", having two main branches in Shanghai and Kong Kong with Italian, English and Chinese speaking personnel. Here the three kinds of service we offer: - Production according to drawing, of castings made in steel and non ferrous metals, by different castings methods ("lost wax" , "die-casting", "centrifugal casting") followed by machining operations. Alternatively we can carry out the single machining operation on bars or semifinished products. The kinds of materials we use: from the most common Stainless Steels (AISI 304 and 316) to alloy Steels and cast irons. We follow our customers step-by-step: from the order to the delivery at their door. - On site Inspection and quality test before the goods are sent to Europe: this service is thought for those customers already having Chinese suppliers but still needing to get a confirmation about the quality of the product before importing it. Where needed and requested by customers, we can make a survey on the production process too in order to improve it and reach the wished quality level (attach: Reports against inspections on final products) - Scouting and Trading activity, to research new suppliers/products on the Chinese market: this service is mainly dedicated to those customers needing to be supported in the research and supply of items belonging to areas which are not their core business but may anyhow represent an important plus in order for the them to offer a full-package to their final customers. We guarantee a high quality service thanks to the on-site presence of Italian personnel along to the recurrent visits of our Account Managers with the aim to survey and directly follow the growth and evolution of the projects that our customers entrusted us with. This is the key allowing us to supply high quality products at much better prices than the ones you can find on the European market (up to -25%) and granting at the same time a high quality standard.

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Manufacturing Capabilities


14x60 Graziano Sag 14

Casting and forging

casting and machining parts


Hardinge Model talent 8/52A CNC lathe, Hardinge model VMC 1000 3axis mill


Machinery & Tools


Mori Seiki SL35 A CNC Lathe 12 Chuck

MTS Advanced All in One Test Equipment


Plastic Pumps

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