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Kinlau Sheet Metal Works Inc 

PO Box 1515, Vernon, Texas, 76385, United States


A GIN TESTED, PROVEN MAC​HINE DRYING:The high speed turbulence of the air stream fluffs and separates the cotton for maximum drying. Less heat is needed, gas costs are reduced. LEAF CLEANING:The machine on the market that can both dry and remove an effective, significant amount of leaf trash from seed cotton. TURNOUT AND GRADE:Better grades of cotton, and the turnout and fiber length are not reduced by this cleaner's action. COTTON TYPES:Effective and significant cleaning and drying for both picker and stripper varieties. AIR FLOW:Fully compatible with both pull and push-pull systems. CAPACITIES:​Single stream capacities to 60 BPH TheKINLAU AIR CUSHION DRYER WITH LEAF CLEANERis a dual purpose machine. The dryer dries cotton at high efficiencies by mixing large volumes of air with the cotton in the turbulence inherent in a high speed air cushion dryer. The LEAF CLEANER provides a method of removing leaf and pin trash that does not require more expensive saw or spike cylinder type cleaning. There are no high maintenance items in either its construction or operation. The operation of this machine will increase the effectiveness of the other cleaning machines in the gin.

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6 hicel turning centers with milling capabilities

Chiron 3D Printer

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