Kingwill (Shengfeida) 

2/F, Building D, Wanfeng West Industrial Park, Heyi Community, Shajing Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen., Shenzhen, 广东 (Guangdong), 518103, China


Kingwill Technology Limited

Hey There! And Welcome to our Profile Page 

You are probably here because you are looking to find a supplier to help you make your parts. The truth is, even though there are many suppliers out there, no two are alike. 

Our Services:

  • High Precision Machining (In-House)
  • Progressive Die Stamping (External Partners)
  • Sheet Metal (External Partners)

Let us start with a brief history of who we are. 

From our Humble Beginnings

It all started when the owner of Kingwill, Mr. Xu, moved from a sleepy beach town of Meizhou to the bustling manufacturing mecca known as the Greater Bay Area (GBA) or Shenzhen. 

It was here that Mr. Xu wanted to learn about high-precision machining. So he went to school under an apprenticeship and started working in a small molding shop as a grunt, working the surface grinders and manual mills, learning traditional machining under the rigorous tutelage of hard-headed mentors.

While grinding hard on the manual machines, his mentors with decades of experience started teaching him about high-speed machining, programming strategies, and making parts the right, first time. 

As is typical, they were pretty hard on him, but he learned how to communicate requirements and approach each job he did professionally. 

After several years, working on the shop floor and building his skill set, he decided to start his machine shop. He found two investors and put all the money his family had into opening his first shop. 

Kingwills Evolution

In the early days, we served local manufacturers with high-precision mold tool components. As time went on, we got more into general machining. And as our reputation grew, we reinvested all of our profits back into the business. 

We have since grown into a shop with about 20 high-speed CNC machines and lathes from our tiny garage, 40 employees, and can handle a wide envelope of general machining work in the low to the mid-volume range. 

What makes us unique? Ask our Customers!

Well, I think the best way to learn what makes us unique is to ask us about our case studies and even talk directly to our customers!

Reducing Cost

You can learn how to reduce cycle times to save our customers money and approach jobs to ensure we can achieve tight tolerance requirements. 

Balancing Cost, Quality, and Price

After all, you can get any price you want in manufacturing, but making sure to balance quality, price, and delivery, can only be done by showing you transparently how we do things around here. 

They say that the saying is in the doing. So let us show you how we can help you make quality parts at a great price.

We are looking forward to hopefully having the opportunity to speak with you!  

Our Work

Recent Jobs Quoted

Manufacturing Capabilities


Metal injection molding

VMC with 3 axis and CNC Turning centers

Table Plasma CNC Haute définition Marque thermal-dynamics

CNC turning center No.1 (Make-Jyoti)

LSR and Rubber Injection Presses from 35 tons (80cc's medical LSR) to 500 tons (15# shot)

Forging and Machining Parts

Casting & Machining Parts

5- Axis Machining

Casting & Machining Parts

Jig & Fixture Fabrication

Die casting machines

Die casting up to 800 Ton *10+

Investment Casing

Die Casting

Investment Casing

CNC Apparel Graphics


turning machine

Boring / Broaching

Mill:DMG CMX600VC  CNC (Germany)

machine parts

Curved Surface Forming Machine

EDM Machine


Company Details

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