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J.R. Technology 

3210 Main Street, Morro Bay, California, 93442, United States


J. R. Technology can produce your CNC Lathe, CNC Mill, Swiss and Multi Spindle Screw Machine parts. From print to product, our team of experts are fully dedicated to ensuring a smooth manufacturing process. Our Priorities are: Service: Account managers quote the jobs, track your orders through our manufacturing process and over see the shipping. Maintaining good finishes on parts even if finish requirements are not on the prints. Many shops simply turn up their feed rates in order to cut cycle times. The results are parts with heavy machine lines and bad finishes. We have found that taking a few seconds more per part can maintain good finishes. We offer competitive prices. It's a highly competitive world and price is a key component. Placing parts on the right machine gives us a competitive edge while maintaining our quality standards. On repeatable parts, we will stock back-up inventory. This ensures on time deliveries on future orders. Range Of Work: Micro miniature through 3" diameter is the range of barfeed parts Chucker work is up to 6" diameter CNC Mill 20" x 40" bed size We can meet print tolerances to + - .0001 Specializing in: Standard special screws, pins, standoffs, fittings, welded and machined parts, instrument and gage components, musical instrument components, medical dental parts, optical, miniatures, aerospace, automotive aftermarket parts, shafts, and hardware for industry. Materials: Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Plastics, Stainless Steels, Allow Steels. Titanium, Nickel, Hastelloy, Corrosion Resistant Alloys, Heat resistant Alloys and more. Tel: 800-536-0743 Fax: 800-536-0949 E-Mail: sales@jrtechnology.com

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