RM 110, Building 1, 6 Wanjiang Chuangye Industrial Rd. Wanjiang Street, Dongguan, 广东 (Guangdong), 523047, China



JK PRECISION CO. LIMITED is a reliable and trusted TROUBLE-SHOOTER, specialized in precision machining, surface treatment, coating + metal sheet fabrication, offers dedicated and focused engineering solutions. JK PRECISION serves as a 1-stop precision solutions manufacturer, instead of outsourcing to multiple factories, Customers get Quality, shortest lead time + competitive pricing. These take away substantial coordination burdens, which allows Customers to focus more on their core processes or competitiveness.

Our Strengths: 

(1) Customized Precision Machining - Components, Tools, Test Jigs, Fixtures

(2) CNC Machining, Lathe, Milling, Drilling, Grinding, Wire Cut (Slow Speed)

(3) Coating + Plating: Electroless Nickel, Hard Anodize; Chromate, Passivation, Phosphate, Electro Polishing

(4) Heat Treatment: Hardening, Nitriding, Carburization

(5) Metal Fabrication, Laser Cut, Powder Coat, Spray Painting

(6) Speed Prototype, Production

(7) 24hrs RFQ, Pull-In Orders with short Production Lead Time

(8) Reliable Quality + Delivery Lead Time with Competitive Pricing

(9) Precision Machining capability up to 0.002mm

(10) Precision Measurement accuracy +/- 0.003mm

(11) First Time Sample or First Article Qualification performance: 95%

(12) First Time Finished Parts or Goods lot performance: 97%

Our Competitive Differentiation: 


One of the key challenges our Customers frequently encounter is short lead time and unreliable on-time delivery. With our locally designed “GREEN WAY” we’re able to deliver short delivery lead time through our integrated flow and focus Team dedication.


  • Short delivery lead time + competitive pricing
  • 16 hrs RFQ response for all drawings, above 200 parts - 24 hrs 
  • GREEN WAY - Urgent Pull-In or short lead time orders 3 to 5 days
  • 6 items X Heat Treatment X Surface Coating X Oxidation X Slow WC = 4 days LT
  • Orders + Heat Treatment or Oxidation or Slow WC = 7 days LT
  • Tooling - 2 to 3 weeks 
  • 1 PO 1 Shipment
  • ERP = Quality + Delivery traceability

Vision: Striving to be a reliable high precision machining + equipment assembly partner for our Customers at competitive pricing + lead time + Quality, with dedicated and focused engineering services + solutions. We envisioned to be a one-stop-shop high precision machining + equipment contract manufacturer, value add precision assembly and engineering solutions for any industries and marketplace

Value: We stand by our Quality and act without compromising integrity + delivery commitment with our Customers

Factory 1: Achieved ISO9001: 2018 (Nov 2015) + ISO13485 (June 2017)

Factory 2: TUV SUD ISO9001 certified (Oct 11, 2021)

We believe 1 Unhappy Customer takes away the profits of 20 “Happy Customers”

1 Unhappy Customer is unacceptable. If it happens we’ll evaluate + find the right way to resolve it as we envisioned ourselves as a Problem Solver

Quality is not an option.

We drive towards “Total Customer Satisfaction” at all times

Our indirect CUSTOMERS:



Our Work

Manufacturing Capabilities


Mill: HASS VF-2 CNC (US)

Wire Cut - Slow Speed (Japan)

Mill: Brother TC-S2CZ CNC (Japan)

Mill: Brother S500Z1 CNC (Japan)

14 by 100 monarch lathe

Mill:DMG CMX600VC  CNC (Germany)

Mill: TaiKan T500H CNC (Taiwan)

Mill: FEELER FV-850 CNC (Taiwan)

Mill: CMAM Machine (Taiwan)

Lathe NC: KEZONE Automatic  (China)

Mill: FEELER FV-800 CNC (Taiwan)

Mill: Pollex PMV-600 CNC Engraving (China)

Lathe: STS XCF-35 Automatic NC (China)

Mill: TMK-5PS Machine (Taiwan)

Mill: ZOZEM Machine (Taiwan)

Grind: HYFAIR Machine (Taiwan)

Height Gage: TESA HITE400 (Switzerland)

Mitutoyo CMM - BH V710 (Japan)

Height Gage: TESA HITE700 (Switzerland)

CMM: TRIMOS Precision Altimeter (Switzerland)

Company Details

Company Type

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer



MFG Member Since





ISO 9001



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