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Jiangsu Sujing Group Co.,Ltd 

NO.2 Weixin Road ,Suzhou Industrial Park,Suzhou City,Jiangsu Province ,China, Suzhou, 江苏 (Jiangsu), 215122, China


1. Comprehensive Strength

Suzhou Purification Group---Chuangyuan Science & Technology(Listed Stock Code of Shenzhen Stock Exchange: 000551)

Founded in 1969 (currently is a large-scale State-owned enterprise)

Gate crashed into top100 new-high national technological enterprises in 1994 (No. 59)

Gate crashed into 520 key State-owned large or medium-sized enterprises in 1999

The largest pressure swing adsorption (PSA) nitrogen production enterprise around China for the time being

Has the largest domestic gas equipment user group

The products are widely distributed more than 10 countries and districts, including Asia etc.

The sole domestic enterprise in such field boasting competitive edges in the global market

Comprises of a State-level doctor work station and a national purification technology research center

The first passed ISO9001: 2000 International Qualify Certification System in the domestic gas equipment manufacturing industry

2. Development Milestones

With a history of 50 years, the company boasts rich experience in the gas equipment manufacture

Since 1983, all the economic indexes have been increased by 20%

Since its foundation, the company takes the industrial gas equipment manufacture as its leading industry

In earlier 1980s, the company stepped into research on PSA nitrogen generators

In 1985, it successfully promoted the first 5A molecular sieve PSA nitrogen generator, which was verified and accepted by the State Ministry of Electronic Industry in the same year

In 1985, it developed the CMS carbon molecular sieve PSA nitrogen generator, which was awarded the first prize of advanced science & technology of Jiangsu Province in 1993.

In 1994, the advanced PSA nitrogen generator manufacture process and technologies were introduced from Germany.

In 1995, the advanced membrane separation nitrogen generator manufacture process and technologies was firstly introduced in from America

During the 6th Five Year Plan to 9th Five Year Plan period, Suzhou Purification Group had carried out many key gas equipments projects of the State

The company had jointly established some united research institutes (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Electronic Science & Technology University)  with many scientific research institutes

3. Production Capacity

Suzhou Purification Group consists of a processing center, plate work center and assembly center which are equipped with many imported equipments. With more than 50 year experience in the manufacture of special electronic equipments, the company has the design and production capacity of 5-3500Nm3/h, and the purity of nitrogen reaches 99% to 99.999%.

4. Advantages of PSA Nitrogen Generators produced by Suzhou Purification Group

Compared with nitrogen generator produced abroad, such machine produced by Suzhou Purification Group has combined those advantages of products produced in Japan, German and America, boasting a high performance-price ratio.

The product purity may be adjusted through the change of flow rate;

It economically consumes the energy in either low pressure or normal pressure;

The equipment is simple in structure and may be conveniently maintained;

It’s controlled by a computer, practicing automatic operation.

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Manufacturing Capabilities


PSA N2 generator

PSA O2 generator

VPSA O2 generator

Membrane N2 generator

Ammonia cracking equipment

Methanol cracking equipment

PSA H2 generator

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