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JD Gray Associates 

PO Box 63, Summit Hill, Pennsylvania, 18250, United States


Jd gray associates is a thirty year old manufacturing productivity consulting firm specializing in direct labor controls, materials handling and product automation. Our specialization is in the semi-automation of assembly operations using precision indexing, synchronous, linear or rotary production lines with or without work cell robotics. We can either perform the industrial engineering to customize the production line for your products or sell you the production line or both. We also perform a mechanization return-on-investment analysis prior to materials handling or automation equipment purchase to enable the client to view various payback scenarios. This analysis includes a staffing critique, departmental/work station layout, comparison of savings versus cost, equipment quotations, consulting services and fees. Once the analysis is performed we guarantee a first year payback on any manufacturing systems we have recommended that are implemented by jd gray associates. Contact us at jdgrayassociates@yahoo.com or visit our website at www.jdgray-associates.com

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