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JBCL Holdings Inc 


JBCL is a Canadian consulting engineering company based near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We provide full service product design, engineering analysis, manufacturing support, and sales support to our clients around the world. The world is a changing place. Never before have so many opportunities existed. But for many these opportunities are out of reach. Our clients enlightened ideas for products may stay that way unless they can develop the design, cost the manufacturing out, source suppliers, obtain funding to take it to markets, and find customers to sell it to. We have developed a new business model that allows us to loosely partner with people like you and our clients. Provide engineering and design excellence. Develop our clients ideas to a working prototype. Develop a plan to bring it to market including costing and manufacturing sourcing. If needed we will assist them in obtaining the financial assistance to take the prototype thru to final manufacture and in doing so, provide catalysts sales. • Product Development • Design Engineering • Project Management • Oil Field Rigs and Equipment Design and/or Manufacturing • Rail Equipment Design and/or Manufacturing • API Product and Equipment Design and/or Manufacturing • Process Equipment • Contract Fabrication or Manufacture • Licensed Manufacturing • Other Specialties: The following are some of the key service specialties of Twincortex, or products from its partners or suppliers: • Mechanical Engineering • Design Engineering • Research and Development Engineering (RD) • Project Management (PM) • Engineering Analysis • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) using ANSYS • Structural Analysis using STAAD • Heavy Duty Vehicle Integration • Contract Manufacturing (Partner) • Fabrication (Partner) The following are key design deliverables of Twincortex, or products of its partners or suppliers: • Oil Gas Industry (Oilfield): •••• Masts and Derricks •••• Sub Structures •••• Drilling Rigs •••• Service Rigs / Workover Rigs •••• Advanced Drilling Rigs (ADR) •••• Advanced Service Rigs (ASR) / Advanced Workover Rigs (AWR) •••• Pipe Handling Systems (Catwalks, Automated Pipe Handling) •••• Floor Wrenches •••• Top Drives •••• Drawworks •••• Down Hole Tools •••• Stimulation Equipment •••• Frac Tanks / Frac Trailers / Mud Tanks / Water Tanks •••• Skidded Buildings / Wheeled Buildings •••• Design for API Q1/ISO 29001, API 4F, API 8C, API 7K, API 16D, API 5D, API 7, API 12B, API 12D, API 12F, API 12J • Railway Industry: •••• Tank Cars •••• Hopper Cars •••• Flat Cars • Mining Industry: •••• Underground Haulers •••• Underground Continuous Miners •••• Specialized Service Tools / Specialized Service Equipment • Heavy Vehicles: •••• Heavy Duty Truck Bodies •••• Vehicle Integration •••• Oilfield • Trailers: •••• Low Bed •••• Dump Body •••• Oilfield •••• Specialty

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JBCL Holdings Inc 

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