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450 East 96th St., Indianapolis, Indiana, 46240, United States


IQE based in the US, with manufacturing in China, supplies metal forging, metal casting, sheet metal forming and plasticinjection molding. Take advantage of the China connection with local engineering and local customer service to handle your project from beginning to end. We are very competitive in price and offer high quality parts. All the plants are ISO9001-2000 certified. The metal casting plant offers high quality iron sand castings, aluminum and zinc alloy die castings, steel and stainless steel investment castings. The steel forging plant provides forging parts from 0.22 lbs to 65 lbs. We also offer secondary operations: E-coating, plating, machining, threading, and heat treating. The metal stamping plant is specialized in precision, single die, and progressive stamping, and sheet metal forming. The presses ranges 60 to 1000 tons and up to 60" in size. Wealso offer sheet cutting, sheet bending, CNC Punch, welding. The plastic injection molding plant has presses ranged from 55 tons to 1600 tons, specializing in providing complex injection molded plastic parts. We provide very competitive price in plastic injection molding making. The plastic injection material can be general resin made in China or US made brand material. We also provide plastic extrusion service and secondary operations: machining, ultrasonic welding, pad printing, and silk screening print.

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