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Industrieservice Di Palma 

Berlichingenstr. 5, Würzburg, Bavaria, 97084, Germany


We, Industrie-Service Di Palma, are a german trading company in the field of all kind of metals, steels, raw materials, precious materials and other industrial products: -metals : copper, aluminum, bronzes, brass, nickel, zinc, tin and their alloys in all forms like bars, rods, strips, foils, plate, billets, tubes -steels : stainless steels, standard steels, silicon steels, special steels acc. customers specifications in all forms as the metals -raw materials : fertilizers( like urea46), rice, papers, iron ore, ferro-alloys, metal powders, metal oxides, agrochemical products etc. -precious materials: silicon, diamonds, golddust, platin, mercury liquid, selen, irdium, palladium, tungsten, molybdenum, niob, titan -other industrial products: industrial machines, used machines, tools, spare parts for different kind of productions etc. As yo can see we have a wide range of products and we can guarantee very good and competitive prices because we know important and powerful producers around the world in russia, china, kasachstan, ukraine, india, korea and japan. All of our supplies we know personally since years and we are sure of their quality and services We are in this markets since 22 years and we already supplied our products all around the world We are sure we could give you very good conditions for yr demands and we would be glad if you send some inquiries to show you our strengths Look forward to yr comments and in the meantime have our best wishes from germany

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