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HYozma Precision Machinery 

Diankou Industrial Park, Zhejiang, China, Zhuji, 浙江 (Zhejiang), 311853, China


HYozma Precision Castings, the subsidiary of HYOZMA HOLDINGS, is located in Zhejiang Quzhou Economic Technological Development Zone and has been in the operation toproduce the highquality and closetoleranceinvestmentcastingsby the lost wax processfor various industries.Ever sinceits establishment,we havespared no effortsinupgradingthemanufacturing capabilitieswith advanced castingmachinery and testing equipment. Hyozma Precisionhas established itself as a modernprecision castingfacility, with versatilecapabilitiesin atotal landing area of 40 Mu and factory area of 8500 square meters. Through Silica Solprocess, itboasts its consistently high-quality mid-temperatureinvestment castings and machined parts of stainless steel, alloysteel,carbon steel andnonferrous alloysin a monthly capacity of 1 million pieces and a yearly output of 2500 metric ton. With the investment casting process, almost any alloy can be utilized and the most complexfinely tooled pieces created. Investment Castings are produced for all types of industries including aerospace,defense, medical, electronics, transport, mechanical equipment and general engineering and can be supplied fully machined, treated and ready for assembly. HYozma Precision has the close cooperation with Tsinghua University for many years and our team has the experience and flexibility to meet the most stringent technical, quality and delivery requirements which have enable HYOZMA PRECISION CASTINGS to achieve preferred status with many clients in USA, EU,Australia, JapanandUkraine, etc. We're committed to promoting"China Castings"in the international market. We look forward to the opportunity to show you firsthand all the advantages delivered when you trust your next project to HYozma Precision Castings. QUALITY We understand, quality is the most important factor of the factory to survive. So from the very beginning of the establishment, we are in persistently pursuit of the strategy of honesty and trustworthiness through continuous improvement and innovation. Quality castings demand strict production procedures, rigorous quality control and the best inspection facilities - all of which can be foundin HYozmaCastings, along with a wealth of experience in the production of investment cast components. The established policy ofHYozmaCastings is to provide products of consistently high quality, fit for their intended purpose andto bedelivered in conformance with the agreed specifications. We also deliver on our Quality through our continuous flow manufacturing process and ongoing cross-training of our personnel. Incremental improvements in processes and in the skill of the people who manufacture your parts lead to measurable increases in overall quality, time to manufacture and ultimately to lower overall cost to build and deliver your parts. We invite you to discover what so many already know:HYozmaPrecision Casting delivers quality investment cast parts on-time. FASTER TO MARKET HYozma Precision Casting is the investment casting partner of choice for high-quality parts delivered on time. ·Shorter lead times ·Smaller economical order quantities ·Lower manufacturing costs ·Improved customer profitability ·Increased customer cash flow Continuous Flow Manufacturingis a manufacturing philosophy and process we embrace at HYozma Precision to provide for quick dependable deliveries. When you call to make a change in your order, we have the flexibility to modify our production flow to keep delivering the high quality, low cost, on-time lost-wax investment castings. As part of our continuous flow manufacturing,HYozmaPrecision Casting provides in-house CNC machining and outside operations such as plating, painting and other finishing operations to deliver a final product that always meets or exceeds your expectations. Our commitment is to your satisfaction, and when on-time delivery is critical. HYozmaPrecision Casting is the best choice for your next project. MACHINING HYozmaCastings have established an on-site machine shop to meet the growing demands for fully finished castings, ready for assembly, including threaded inserts and painting. The machining department is equipped with machining centers, CNC turning and conventional milling, drilling and turning equipment. As no single machine shop can provide every type of machining and finishing to cover the wide range of applications and materials supplied byHYozmaCastings, a range of specialist sub-contractors havebeen established over the years to support the demands ofHYozmaCastings' customers. HYOZMA PRECISION CASTING CAPABILITIESCasting Capabilities, Product Design Support, andEarly Design Involvement byHYozmaPrecisionCastingsEngineers will help determine the castability of your product design. Suggestions may be made to improvethecasting design or performance and/or recommendations may be made to determine the most cost efficient way to produce a high quality part. Our greatest asset and most preciousresourceis ourpeople. We have created an environment that actively encourages deep knowledge of our manufacturing processes across our entire workforce. As a result, we deliver the highest quality precision investment castcomponentsavailable anywhere. Investment Casting Production Capabilities: ·RapidPrototyping ---3 D Design System Thermojet Printer ·Wax Injection System ·AdvancedSilicaSInvestmentCastingSystem ·Vacuum MeltingFurnace ·Vacuum Dewaxing System ·Shell Manufacturing System ·Gate Grinding Equipment Machining Capabilities: ·HorizontalMachining Centers ·CNCMachine (Horizon, Vertical Clear) ·Grinding Machine ·Radial Drilling-milling Machine ·Grooving Machine ·Shot-blasting ·Heat Treatment Key Manufacturing Support Equipment: ·Spectrometer; metallography, mechanical testing ·Coordinate Measuring Machine(CMM), shadowgraph projector ·Non-destructive testing(including x-ray, magnetic flaw detectiondye-penetrant) ·Hardness Tester ·Tension Tester ·High-low temperature test chamber

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Plastic Injection Molding machines, varying from 77 tons to 400 tons

Stamping up to 400 Ton* 10+

20 ton - 100 ton (4 Presses)


Investment Casting Production Capabilities: ·Rapid Prototyping ---3 D Design System Thermojet Printe


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