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HVDC Converters 

7088 Salisbury Ave., Burnaby, British Columbia, V5E0A4, Canada


Making your "Clean Electricity" Innovations possible:

HVDC-Converters.ca provides an affordable family of low-cost yet high reliability DC to DC Converters and Inverters specifically for small scale Alternative Energy systems involving High Voltage Direct Current ( DC ) energy storage and/or short range transmission of electrical power. Transmission Line reactance losses are eliminated when AC transmission systems are changed over to DC systems. This most notable where electrical power transmission runs underwater, submerged, sub-sea, or underground burial.

DC has always been the simplest and highest efficiency form of Electrical Energy. Step down of HVDC to normal voltage has historically been technically difficult and expensive. Not anymore! Our modern state-of-the-art power modules help you build "Clean Electricity" systems for small scale, remote location, and mobile systems.

We focus on low to medium power products with specifications to cover the range of voltages NOT COVERED by anyone else: 1KVDC to 5KVDC.

Now you can save on the size/weight/cost of wiring, cables, or transmission lines; by putting HVDC Converter technology to work in your applications, giving you new possible solutions to meet your requirements.

  • Proven applications in Solar, Wind, Micro-Hydro, Battery Storage, and Tethered ROV systems.
  • Certified Standards and Approvals to meet the harshest environment and toughest operating conditions.

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