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Sammy Xue, the Founder of HY Metals, started his own sheet metal fabrication business in 2011. It only took him two years, from 1 machine workshop to 3000 ㎡workshops. And then the competition is getting fiercer. When all other factories tried to win orders with lower prices, Sammy focused on prototypes, precision, skills improvement, more precision equipment, more operators trained, etc. So HY Metals soon spread its good reputation in the precision sheet metal industry. A line describes, "Build sheet metal prototype, must be HY ." 

In 2015, Sammy set up an office in Beijing to explore the north market of China. As a result, the second HY Metals factory was established in 2017, owning 5000㎡ with 60 employees, 10 departments, Engineer DPT, QC DPT, laser cutting DPT, Bending DPT, tooling DPT, stamping DPT, CNC turning, welding DPT. Sales DPT including International Sales DPT enables us to provide rapid prototypes, low-volume of diversity, and mass production of designing, producing, and promoting sheet metal, precision hand(prototype)sampling, laser cutting, stamping tooling, metals stamping, CNC mechanical.

In 2018 he had been in the sheet metal processing area for more than 15 years. Sammy is a workaholic, spending most of his time on work, as he said, "I feel not comfortable without doing sheet metal works."  

Sammy is not just the boss but also the best engineer in Hymetals. He is familiar with every step of steel processing, Laser cutting, CNC bending, Metal stamping, TIG welding, Hydraulic, Riveting, turning, milling, grinding, polishing, Brushing. Not just in-house processing also die casting, precision casting, spinning, etc. So basically, any metal parts put on his hand can tell right away how to build the part and how much it costs. It certainly impressed many of our clients.



HY Metals provide service more than just making a custom part, like technical support. We qualify to come up with the best solution for proceeding with a sheet metal part by knowing what's the role for, which position is critical, which is flexible, requirement, etc.

There are many ways to proceed with sheet metal blanking forming—different ways result in very different prices. HY Metals devote ourselves to satisfied clients with the best recommendations and good quality. Turning clients' perfect design into production in the most cost-effective way is what we strive to do. HY Metals is grateful for clients' trust and general sharing.

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CNC milling machines: 24 sets

CNC turning machines: 15 sets

sheet metal laser cutting machines: 6 sets

sheet metal bending machines: 18 sets

metal stamping machines: 14 sets

riveting machines

welding machines

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Ratings & Reviews From Buyers

4.29 (7)
Great work and fast turn around! A++++++++++++++++
—Robert L, New England Corp.
Manufacturer Reponse
Hi Bob, Many thanks for your recognition,and looking forward to cooperating with you a lot,thank you.
The supplier worked actively for the order. However, they made the thread in a wrong way, even though they claimed that the made the thread according to the fitting sample we send. The problem is that the supplier refused to make repairs or do anything for making things correct. This is not a good way to do business.
—Qilin F, MAQ AB
Manufacturer Reponse
Dear Fu, Our company has been actively updating your goods, because we made them according to your adaptation parts, and later you could not assemble them with another adaptation part. We also gave you the corresponding quotation, so we did not receive your reply later.We are always very responsible for the goods we produce, and we will not be the supplier who does not handle the goods. I hope we can actively communicate with each other, thank you. As for your failure to conduct follow-up communication with us, please give us a 2-star evaluation.We are very sad about this.
Great Parts, on time, good prices. They were a pleasure to work with.
—Bill W, Hypersonic
Manufacturer Reponse
Thanks ! Looking forward to more cooperation in the future!
Good communication and quality parts on time. When we had questions about anything Moly was there to answer them and went out of her way to make sure we had what we needed.
—Damein W, Revision LLC
Quality is good, but need to compromise about the dimension due to limitation of their machine
—Rudy G, Formulatrix
On Time, good packaging, nice finish, all dimensions to spec. Already used again...All good
—Steven G, Opus Gimbal
All dimensions spot on, finish very good. clean looking. Will use again
—Steven G, Opus Gimbal
Manufacturer Reponse
Thanks Steven,Looking forward to the cooperation in the future
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