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HongTai Industry (DG) Co.,Ltd 

DongGuang Nancheng, DongGuan, 广东 (Guangdong), 523000, China


About HongTai Industry (DG) Co.,Limited:Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Nancheng DongGuan, HongTai Industry does custom plastic injection molding plastic part production, precision CNC machining, Die casting, Metal stamping,and product assembly and finishing. We are well known for the high value we provide our customers with our design for manufacturability, project management, superb quality, and fulfillment and distribution. "We" emphasizes the importance of teamwork which is one of our core values. "Manufacture" is what we do, and "Value" is what sets us apart from the competition and what our customers appreciate most about us.Our MissionOur mission is "to provide value-added manufacturing services with creative engineering for customers with complex needs." By doing so we can help our customers manufacture world class products and quickly bring them to market.Our Business PhilosophyOur business philosophy is "to be successful we must sell our goods at a profit and still satisfy our customers. If we satisfy the customer but fail to get the profit, we will soon be out of business. If we get the profit but fail to satisfy the customer, we will soon be out of customers. The secret of doing both lies in one word - Value. Providing value means doing something so well for the customer that they are happy to pay a price which allows us to make a profit."Our CultureAt HongTai Industry we believe in teamwork, working hard, and having fun. By working as a team with our employees, suppliers, and customers we can accomplish almost anything. By working hard we can get things done when they're needed, even under some of the tightest deadlines. And by having fun, we can put it all in perspective and enjoy it.

Our Work

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Stamping up to 400 Ton* 10+

Plastic Injection Molding machines, varying from 77 tons to 400 tons

LVD -CNC 6 Axis Press Brake

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will be doing more business with them
—Ron C, Quick Pressure
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