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BLK 3031A UBI RD 3 #01-112, SINGAPORE, Singapore, 408659, Singapore


"To build branding and trust, you must first convince people to trust your product and then trust you." Hi-Yew specialises in mould repairs for the precision engineering industries and over the years, Hi-Yew has expanded into now a two-storey terrace workshop factory and offer a wider range of welding services that include microTIG welding, micro laser welding and macro laser welding for all sizes of moulds from the smallest to the biggest. When it comes to dealing with mould repairs, one must analyze and look at the problems from various perspectives before making a sound decision to optimize the repairs. Our success comes from offering specific and reliable welding solutions. Just give us a defective plastic part and the matching mould, we will be in the position to accurately identify the specific areas of flashing or undercut for welding. Mould companies comfortably outsource their moulding problems to us and leave it to us to deliver them the solution. Micro-TIG Welding Station Have a welding job on tight budget? This is the most affordable welding for all diverse needs and allows welding of all kinds of materials such as stainless steel ( 304, 306, etc ), tooling and mould materials ( 8407, 718 HH, Stavax, Beryllium Copper, etc ), customized fixtures and structures ( Aluminium 4043, 5356, Titanium, etc). micro-Laser Welding Station Offering Laser Technology in Welding to conquer engineering limitations! Laser has been around for many years. However, it is in recent years that laser welding machines start to be popular due to an increasing demand in higher welding quality. If your welding requirements are prevention of oxidation, zero sink in welding heat affected zone, requires complex and tedious finishing process such as polishing, etching and texturing finishing, welding of different materials together, then laser welding technology is your answer to all! Using only the best welding technology Nd YAG machines straight from Germany complying with strict ISO 9001:2000 and EN 46001 DIN – MED CERTIFICATION by Germanischer Lloyd Certification, micro laser welding is our new welding tool in the 20th century. MACRO-Laser Welding Station Offering Laser Welding technology for all industries, no matter how big the job is! Using the same technology in micro laser welding, laser welding technology can not only be used in small parts, but big structures or parts as well! We have the latest laser welding machines developed by ROFIN BAASEL Germany for application of big mould repairs, for welding of huge structures or work pieces. No matter how big the workpiece is, it is small to us! We have the capabilities to hand it. We can weld it any angle or position, even on top of a vehicle! Due to the nature of big jobs, welding in large areas are often common. You may ask a common question – how about the cost! Now, laser welding technology is easily affordable for all industries! Production Welding Station Offering Laser Welding Technology for all industries! If you have regular welding jobs of identical parts that require out-source welding, consider it to be laser welded to win over in quality!

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