Herohome Superhard Materials Manufactory 

No.77,Westgate,Lintong Dist.,Xi'an,Shannxi, Xi'an, ?? (Shaanxi), 710600, China


Located in the Westgate of Lingtong Dist., Xi'an, our corporation---Herohome Superhard Materials Manufactory is one of the most important manufacturers of synthetic diamond and CBN grinding wheels in P.R.C. with the world famous terra-cotta museum besides it. Herohome is a professional corporation with over 30 years of experiences in manufacturing, sales and the R&D of new technologies. The major productions include two series of CBN & Diamond grinding wheels with dozens of kind and more than two thousand patterns. With its high hardness and excellent grind-bearing capability, the abrasive materials of Diamond and Cubic Boron Nitride(CBN) not only exert great applying in the processing of hard brittle materials for instances sintered-carbide tool,pattern,pottery,glass,stone,semi-conductor etc., but also as an abrasive tool of semi-permanent & ultra-speed exerting its upgrowing effects in the industry of ordinary steel materials. The characteristic of no need to optimize in a long usage time which is well-suited to the constant and high-accuracy grinding in automation, semi-automation and management of multi-machine production. We have won the great-scale reputations in clients with the complete machinery and excellent technology, in addition to the country-level professional engineers control every procedure of manufacturing, Herohome has been successfully R&D the abrasives which can totally substitute the imported products, with a great amount of foreign exchanges are saved. Our products are exported to the regions of Mid-Asia, Southeast-Asia etc. We will continue to hold our motto “High standard, Whole-hearted service"", and try our best to achieve the mutual developments within the new & old clients around the world. Add: No.77 Westgate, Lintong Dist., Xi'an · China Tel: 86-29-83851636 83855677 Fax: 86-29-83852230 E-mail:sales@cnherohome.com info@cnherohome.com

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