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NO.75,Kangning Road,Gucheng County,Hengshui City,Hebeisheng Province,China, Hengshui City, 河北 (Hebei), 253800, China


Hebei Jinliang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in October 2008, and it is located in newly opened Xiyuan industrial project area in Gucheng County,which is beside the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. It has an advantageous location thus convenient traffic situation, 30 km west of Dezhou Station along the Beijing-Shanghai Railway, and 10 Km south of Shi jiazhuang-Dezhou high-way.It occupies an area of more than 120 acres, with a registered capital of 16 million yuan, more than 260 employees, including 98 workers with college education, and all kinds of engineering and technical skills. The company has a large CNC flame plasma cutting machine, hydraulic press machine of 500 tons and 800 tons, 400 tons CNC bending machine, tablet machines, shears and a variety of large lathes, milling machines, planers, boring machine and other specialized equipment. This company can undertake various large-scale engineering machine-designing and manufacturing works At the same time, Jinliang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. also has a branch, Hebei GUCHENG COUNTY ZHENGKOU JINLIANG PRESSING FACTORY. It specializes in the production of various disc and drum brake shoe iron for miniature, lightweight cars and heavy-duty vehicles. It is with the county friction Materials Association unit. The factory is located in the Xiyuan industrial Zone of this county, in the interchange of the Shi-De Railway and Jinpu railway, next to Xing-De Road. It has convenient transportation and a strategic location. The factory now covers an area of 50,000 square meters, 12,000 square meters of building area; existing staff of 200 people, including professional and technical personnel more than 30 people, production equipment more than 61 sets; production capacity of 8 million .Our company has a strong technical force,advanced equipment and complete testing equipment. We produce a great variety of products with a stably and reliably good quality, and now we provide more than ten manufacturers with over 64 kinds of ancillary products. We form a good partnership with Hebei Xingyue Company. The brake shoe iron produced with brake hoof of AL-KO saloon cars and light vehicle, with Heavy 225, 325brake shoe of Japan Anderson North Ltd., earned unanimous praise by all users and foreign friends.

Manufacturing Capabilities


product design

product design

product design


?? 250??? 250????? 160?JH21 100?JH21 80?JH21 35?JH21

??? 6.3*2000mm



???Q326 Q3210


????? JL3.6/8

????? 500?

?????? 250?








CNC Milling 5 - AXIS 1 pcs

Machining Parts





250-ton.160-tonJH21.100-tonJH21.100-tonJH21.80-tonJH21.35-tonJH21.punching machine

500-ton.800-ton.hydraulic machine

CNC bending presses

Drilling Machines

drilling machines radical Z32K 2?

drilling machines radical Z32K

milling machines ZXL-20 ZX50C

milling and boring machineshorizontal

milling and boring machines

milling and boring machineshorizontal TPX6111B

flame cutting machine RASK-600OH/U-E

500-ton hydraulic press

CNC milling machines

milling machinesvertical

CNC bending presses WC67Y

automatic welding machine Type 250

shot blasting machine Q326

shot blasting machine Q326 Q3210

air compressor JL3.6/8

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