Guangming Group 

HeiBei, 任丘, 河北 (Hebei), 123456, China


Guangming Group is the automotive electronic instruments,motorcycle instruments and their parts and components manufacturing,export—oriented modem enterprise groups,the Grcup consists of automobile.,motorcycle,electronic instrument manufacturlng company,mold manufacturing company,Motorcycle Electrical Parts Manufacturing Company,motorcycles stampingmanufacturing company,manufacturing company motorcycle meter movement. Wlfh total assets of more than 6000 million yuan,covers an area of 40,000 square meters,employs more than 400 people? Guangming car,motorcycle instrument manufacturing company specialized in manufacturing automobile,motorcycle instruments and instrument movement,fuel gauge,voltmeten,the exports of the country's largest motorcycle instrument production base,the annual output cf automobile,motorcycle instrument assembly the instrument case is 5 million sets of products are exported to over 50 countries and regions,and to engage in various types cf car,motorcycle instruments and all kinds of plastic parts design and development and manufacturlng. Guangmingmoldcompany,istheGuangminggroupandGuangdongZhenyumouldcompanyjointlysetupaprofessionaldesignandmanufactureplasticinjection,stamping,diecasting,rubber,moldandprofessionalstandardmould.WithmouldinGuangdongactivemanagers,experiencedtechnicalengineersformanyyears,agroupofyounganddynamicteamofproductiontechnologyandadvancednewmoldprocessingequipment,high-speedCNCsparkmachine,CNCmillingmachine,precision,andother,determinedtosetuponeofthebiggestmouldcompaniesofHebei. Stamping bright motorcycle manufacturing company produces motorcycles start lever,shift leven.brake leven.brake pedals,handlebars,main stand,side stand,brake arm,axles and other paits and stamping press to sample processing All products are exported,annual output of more than 500 million pieces(sets)? Guangming Group to make the concept cf product is the product life,scientific and standardized management practices,excellent product quality,dedicated customer service passion,willing to work with customers in various countries and regions,dedication and mutual benefits!

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200-500mt forging Stamping Presses: 10sets

Injection molding machine

Motorcycle instrument

Automotive electronic instruments

Speed CNC spark machine

CNC milling machine

Automotive electronic instruments

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