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We are a plastics vacuum thermoformer. We are able to do your custom parts up to 122” long, 76” wide, and 34” deep. Vacuum forming allows parts to be extremely detailed. We can provide and help design 3d printed tooling for short production runs or water-cooled aluminum tooling for products that require long runs.We are a small company so our turn around time is very fast except for the current extreme delays in getting raw materials, once we receive materials we are able to turn orders around in a matter of days.We have limited engineering capabilities and can assist with product design.We can do any thermoformable plastic, we prefer to do sheet thicker than .080”We have CNC cutters and a robot to cut a part into just about any design.Fully enclosed items don't work well with thermoforming.We are open to projects of any size. Set up and tooling typically cost a minimum of $5500 so larger quantities or high value items would make the most sense.Most stamped metal items can be done with thermoformed plastic to save weight or make an item that won’t corrode.

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