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Global precision Machinery Co., Ltd 

No. 1 Binjiang East Road, Daojiao, Dongguan, 广东 (Guangdong), 523000, China



Precision Machining (CNC) (In-house)

Injection Molding (In-house)

Stamping Tools (External, typically part of a larger component order) 

Pressure Die Casting (External Partner, however, we do post machining)

About us

Thanks for stopping by our profile! 

While we can start by talking about our services, let's first start with our story, so you can understand who we are as a company. 

The owner of Global Design, Lai Mei Ying, started his career in the late 90s as a CAD junky, making 3D models for a small tooling shop in Dongguan. After a few years of making drawings, he attended technical school and decided to get into injection mold design.  

From there, he spent several years designing molds for the automotive industry. Wanting to scratch that entrepreneurial itch, he decided to start his own CNC machining business. With the help of his entire family, he invested almost USD200,000 to begin his very own CNC shop. And with the help of his friends, he was able to get in business and get a relatively steady stream of work into the shop, machining fairly simple components for electronics and automation equipment. 

After a few years of growth, he decided to hire a salesperson to help them develop business more steadily, enabling him to grow much faster.  

By 2015, they moved to a new facility, expanded by adding 20 new machines, upgrading from 'C-Grade' to 'B-grade' CNC machines to improve precision, including purchasing new metrology equipment such as a CMM better-equipped quality lab. They also invested in 6 brand new Haitian Injection Molding machines.  

He started working with foreign companies, working through trading companies, primarily working with the automotive and automation industry. He was machining engine components in the automotive industry, including, Fuel injection nozzles and connecting rods for high-performance applications.  

Our Capacity and Company Stats

Our facility is located in the city of Dongguan, the manufacturing Mecca of China. Our facility is around 1800 square meters (Around 20,000 Sq Ft), with a total of 60 employees with four dedicated quality technicians and quality assurance staff. All staff has been thoroughly trained to perform self-inspection. 


Our experienced engineers will work with you to perform a comprehensive analysis of your parts to determine manufacturability, ascertain the importance of critical dimensions (CTQ), and provide suggestions to reduce cycle time. This will ensure you get the best price to performance.  

Our quality team ensures full material traceability, precision measurement following GD&T, and visual requirements. Our facilities are well-equipped and follow standard quality practices throughout all stages of production. 

Who we Serve

Our growing reputation has enabled us to achieve 20-30% annual revenue growth, serving customers worldwide, from the US, Canada, Italy, UK, the Middle East, Singapore, South Korea, and more. 

Call us, and let's have a chat

If you are interested in any of our services or have a coffee over a video conference call, we would love to speak with you. 

We would love to have the chance to work with you and show you what we got! 

Customer References

We welcome you to ask for references. We have customers around the world who would advocate for our services. 

Have a great day!

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CNC,injection molding machine

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