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Global American Expediting 

4017 Brinkman Drive, Port Arthur, Texas, 77642, United States



The International Customer

Global American Trading is a full service Export Trading Company, we have offices in Houston, Beaumont and Port Arthur, Texas. We will quote your inquiries as often as you wish, but it would be best if you would consider contracting our services and letting us set ourselves up as your United States domestic partner.

This action should be taken by Domestic Buyers in the United States as well to take advantage of ""Economics of Scale""

This would give you more credibility with manufactures and show manufactures that your inquiry is a “real” transaction.

You would then get better pricing and more competitive bids as you will be quoted cost with with a fixed 10% mark up FOB Shipping Point. All cost charged to you are verified by original invoices submitted to you along with our invoice for payment and verification.

Many U. S. companies are not export professionals and will want to quote you FOB Shipping Point leaving you with more cost figures to workout with packaging, inland freight and ocean freight.

Global American Trading will offer you options on the type of profoma proposal you wish. Global American Trading will offer pricing FOB, C & F, CIF, closest port of entry to the destination country depending on how you wish to receive your proforma proposal. As with most international transactions we would be working with a wire transfer or letter of credit with terms and conditions as stated on an order by order basis.

If you allow us to set ourselves up as your buying agent in the US, with your support, there would be many situations where you would get net 30 day terms, and then there would be no need for letters of credit for smaller transactions. We have a traffic department which would coordinate all inland and ocean freight transactions insuring you get good quality product on a timely manner.

We have excellent freight forwarders who manage ocean freight and set up the transportation details for the closest port of exit in order to save cost on freight.

Our purchasing department consists of 4 purchasing managers, all have over 20 years experience and they have purchased everything from cranes to anything you can get in a shopping mall. We deal mainly with Original Equipment Manufactures and specialty shops as the items we supply are sometimes of a special nature and/or for the military.

We have worked on paramilitary projects, construction projects, airports etc. We have purchased retail, industrial, construction, high tech, computers, heavy equipment, oil field related materials from control rooms to sucker rod. Industrial tools, medical supplies, medical equipment, wheelchairs, beds, walkers etc. We will negotiate pricing structures, credit terms andlogistics in behalf of the international customer.

Roy Garcia - President

Global American Trading       https://www.alibaba.com/company/10211926.html

Global American Expediting  https://globalamericanexpediting.com

Email:   roygarcia@globalamericanexpediting.com

Phone: 409-728-0043

Phone/Fax: 409-985-8734

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