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George-Tech Int'l., Co., Ltd. 

HEADQUARTER, Zhonghe City, T'ai-wan, 23511, Taiwan


Inaugurated in 1992, Our founder established George-Tech International in mind of providing a world class products & services with economical manufacturing solutions off-shore. With THIRTY years plus of accumulated experience and abundance of contact and connections in the manufacturing sector, George-Tech enables the the best of two worlds by delivering industry's high quality standards at a fraction of the market's cost. While other companies simply build parts, our core competence lie within the industry know-how which has given our clients a boost to compete in the market, and understanding long term business relationship based on each client's own unique objectives. Parts fabrication and service provider with emphasis on four major areas: 1) Die Casting, 2) Sheet Metal, 3) Plastic Injection/molding, and 4) CNC Machining, with area of services also include engineering, tool fabrication & design, assembly, warehousing, shiping & delivery and logistics. Some of our engineered aplications range from Casino and Gaming sector, Financial/Banking sector, Industrial computing sector, to Marine and Sea sector, just to name a few. George-Tech is also an ISO accredited organization.

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