General Stamping Company

309 Route 94, Columbia, New Jersey, 07832, United States


IntroductionKnown for low cost quality tooling, General Stamping Company has been a leading manufacturer of metal stampings for over 50 years. All tools are built in house using modern Wire EDM and CNC technology. Production orderd range from a minimum order quantity of 1,000 pcs to millions of pcs daily at our 14,000 square foot facility located in Columbia, NJ. At GSC innovation and quality control have been the building blocks of our success. We work together with the customer to develop the product within budget and on time including suggections for potential cost savings. Our relaible and experienced staff gets the job done right ranging form initial sample pcs produced from new tools as well as repeat production orders. Production Resources and Capabilities Our press room features a wide variety of presses from one small 5 ton press to 16 high speed Bruderers. We are not just a light gauge specialist we also produce thicker, larger parts in a 22 to Niagara and a 45 Ton Bliss. Future planning includes a 60 ton press as we enter new markets and diversify. This sophisticated production euipment assures that parts are produced quickly and accurately while maintaining tight tolerances. supplied in any configuration (individual pcs, strip form, or reeled). GSC produces many different parts for Automotive Electronics, Medical Elctronics, and hardware industries from leadframes to complex connectors. Our dies can include tapping, forming, coining, and blanking. Materials used include Stainless Steels, Low Carbon, and Spring Steels, Beryllium Copper, Copper, Brass, Phosbronze, Nickel, Alloy 42, Aluminum, Silver, and Pre-Plated material ranging from .002" to .197" thk and tempers from Annealed to Full Hard. Outside services include heat treating, Barrel plating, rack plating, and reel-to-reel plating (pre and post plated) including precious metals. Quality Control and CertificationsWe recognize that customer satisfaction is only acheived through an attention to detail and a respect for deadline. General Stamping's quality control department meets or exceeds industry and military standards which includes a modern vision system. Our objective is to satisfy our customers with parts that consistently meet their requirements. Preicsion callibration equipment ensures that tolerances are met and quality is maintained at all times, This minimizes waste, reduces production time and eliminates post production problems, At GSC our most important measurement of quality assurance is the satisfaction of our customers. General Stamping is ISO 9001:2015 certified and we are working towards IATF 16949 which is well known within the automotive industry.

Our Work

Manufacturing Capabilities


4 Electric Discharge Machines

60-650 ton die casting machine

Benchmaster Model 181 10 Ton OBI Press

Bliss Model 18-C OBI Press

Bridgeport Model I Verticla Milling Machine

Bridgeport Model J Vertical Milling Machine

Brigdgeport Model I Vertical Milling Machine

Bruderer 30 Ton 3-Post Presses

Bruderer BSTA-18 High Speed 3 Post Press

Bruderer BSTA-30 High Speed

Bruderer BSTA-30 High Speed 3 Post Press

Clausing Model 5914 Lathe

Harig 612 Manual Surface Grinder with attachments

Harig Model Super 612 Hand Feed Surface Grinder

Harig Model Super Hand Feed Surface Grinder with Magnetic Chuck & Internal Dust Collector

Kent Model KGS-200 Hand Feed Surface Grinder

Kent model Super KGS-616H Hydraulic Surface Grinder

Lagun Model FT-2S Vertical milling Machine

Lugun Model FT-2S Vertical Milling Machine

Makino DUO64 Wire EDM

Mitsubishi MD-Pro III

Mitsubishi RA90

Mitsubishi RA90AT

Mitsui 6 x 12 Surface Grinders (4)

Niagara A-2-1/2 OBI Press

Niagara Model a-2-1/2 OBI Press 22 Ton Mechanical Clutch

Okomoto 3 Axis Hydraulic Surface Grinder

progressive die

Southbend Bench Type Lathe

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English-SpeakingJob Shop / Contract ManufacturerMFG Verified? YesUnited States-Based Manufacturing
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