Fujian Xinshengda (Group) INC

Xinshengda BUilding,, Shishi City, ?? (Fujian), 362700, China


Established in 2000, XinShengDa Weaving Ribbons Co., Ltd is located in Shishi city, Fujian Province which is famous as ""the Fashion Capital of China"". Our company is specialized in many kinds of garments accessories, such as ribbons, belts, draw cords, hardware and labels, which combine R&D, manufacture, sales and service together. With our hard efforts and innovation development for several years, our company has already taken shape and has many branches in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Hangzhou, Quanzhou and so on.
XinShengda steadfastly follows a road of standardization, large-scale and development, a well-established and scientific management system and adhere to the ""people-oriented"" management philosophy. Furthermore, strong emphasis is laid on the recruiting and training of talented people, that provided every people in XinShengDa a broad space for development. We always absorb a large number of skilled talents and professional executives, which reflects ""Human ability resources being used for the best advantage"". All of these lay down a solid foundation for our future development.
In order to improve the efficiency and product quality, we have invested a large sum of money to absorb advanced production equipments at home and abroad. Therefore, our products are full of varieties, fashionable-style, high quality and to be the leader of accessories industry. Our products command a good market both at home and abroad, also win the numerous adherents. In addition, XinShengDa pays more attention to the R&D on Earth-friendly products and achieved OEKO-TEXSTANDARD100 green textiles and other international certification.
At present, With the products of more than 3000 varieties, include single-face velvet ribbon, double-face velvet ribbon, velvet elastic ribbon, color silicone ribbon, computer jacquard elastic ribbon, rainbow elastic ribbon, computer jacquard knitted ribbon, decorative ribbon, satin ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, reflective ribbon, TPU, PP ribbon, 100% cotton ribbon, color woven ribbon, unique woven ribbon, flat knitted ribbon, metallic ribbon trim, printed ribbon, master ribbon, Belts(men's belts, women's belts, children's belts and fashionable belts), pet leash, lanyard, wristband, decorative chains. And Rubber patch, silicone label, PVC printed label, PV reflective label, genuine leather label. Also belt buckle, buckle, stud, zipper slider, pin buckle, D-Ring buckle, square buckle, round buckle etc are all in our lines. Our products are used extensively in all kinds of garments, suitcase, footwear, headwear, gifts and so on.
""Customer first"", ""first-class service"" and ""Faith operation""are our uncovered business philosophy and ""generous cooperation"", ""Multi-win creations"" and ""society repayment"" is our steady development orientation. We will be here for ensure customer satisfaction, customer expectations and go ahead for improvement and innovation on and on!

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