Free Force Machining Technology Inc. 

320 Vansickle Road, Unit 11, St. Catharines, Ontario, L2S 0B4, Canada


Quality, Innovation, Excellence We specialize in CNC machining of precision parts for today's high technology industries. We are Small Part Specialists with a focus on pieces less than 1.65"(approx. 42.0mm) in diameter. From prototypes to production runs we are your one source supplier. Free Force Machining Technology is committed to Zero Percent Defect Production. We are proud to be an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certified company. Strict quality control and complete traceability of materials, processes and suppliers ensure that your parts are produced exactly to your specifications. Material certificates are included at no charge with every shipment. RoHS and DFARs compliant material available as standard items. Our inspectionequipment includes high accuracy CMM, Ultra Precision Laser Micrometer, Optical Comparitor, Surface Roughness tested, Height gauge and a library of calibrated gauges. Unlike many of our competitors, Free Force does not sub-contract any machining to third parties, all orders placed with us will be produced at our facility. This allows us complete control regarding the quality of parts and service provided. Our capabilities include CNC Swiss-turning with up to 10-axis of control. Complex parts requiring milling, turning and C-axis machining are efficiently produced with a focus on quality and value to our customers. Utilizing cutting edge technology with an emphasis on lean manufacturing and continuous process improvement, we stand ready to deliver on your toughest requirements. We are capable of tolerances +/-.0001"(.0025mm) and have produced parts with turned diameters as small as .006"(0.15mm) and drilled holes down to .004"(0.1mm) International shipping and Customs clearing experience compliment our manufacturing knowledge. Over 15 years experience in Swiss-turning and dedication to outstanding Customer Service. We look forward to being of service to you. Please contact us today at

Our Work

Manufacturing Capabilities


2x Haas Super Minimill

3x CNC Milling

Okuma Cadet Mate 4020 vertical mill

Swiss Machining

Mazak CNC Milling machines

other drill lathe

Titanium Tubing and machining

NC turning lathe: 20stes, max Dia.600mm

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ISO 13845:2003

ISO 9001:2008



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4.67 (6)
on time delivery and competitive price
Good work. Looking forward to more opportunities to work together.
Good value.
Very professional, and supplied product as quoted. Extremely please with results.
Good Supplier
Extra care went into the details of these first projects on Steve's behalf. Anticipating a strong and reliable business relationship.
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