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F&R Steelcraft Industries 


F&R Steelcraft Industries Inc. has been serving different Industries since 1985, in areas of cryogenics, fabrication & trailer services. During this period, "High Quality Workmanship", "On Time Deliveries" and "Customer Satisfaction" have been the top priority of this company's management team. ACTIVITIES: A- FABRICATION F&R Steelcraft Industries Inc. facilities can accommodate for a wide variety of fabrication with carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper. Research and development departments of various companies rely on F&R's fabrication team as their own. Stainless Steel: Major companies in food industries have been regular customers for our stainless steel fabrication. Projects; varying from containers to conveyors, catering equipment to food processing equipment, have been carried out to customers utmost satisfaction. Also, in conjunction with cryogenic equipment numerous projects in stainless steel fabrication and stainless steel piping have been carried out satisfactorily. Carbon Steel: Oil and Gas companies have contributed greatly to the history of carbon steel fabrication at F&R Steelcraft Industries. F&R is proud of its contribution to the Oil and Gas development projects overseas. Aluminum: Sulfur extraction projects in oil, gas and chemical industries have regularly depended on F&R for fabrication of their aluminum equipment. Also pressure vessels manufactured with aluminum material are sent to F&R for any repair or alterations. B - CRYOGENICS Repair, modification and alteration of transport and stationary cryogenic pressure vessels account for substantial part of F&R activities. F&R has a great deal of experience in repair of cryogenic pressure vessels ranging from cylinder to 20,000 Gal. stationary tanks. Piping alteration, volume increase, and complete overhaul and rehabilitation of these vessels have been done frequently at our workshop. Other areas of cryogenics that F&R is specialized in are: leak detection, oxygen cleaning, Vacuum Jacketed Piping and freezer tunnels. C - TRAILER SERVICES: As a registered repair shop and certified inspector of trailers, F&R has complimented its cryogenic services to transport trailers to become a source of complete service to its customers. Apart from legal inspections, F&R also repairs, modifies and fabricates customer ordered trailers. QUALITY ASSURANCE: In order to assure the customers of quality, F&R has designed and implemented quality assurance program. Ordering, receiving and checking material before it is used assures F&R of the material's quality. F&R also has an stringent quality program for its workforce. The workforce is trained for high quality performance. F&R Q.C. department also takes care of in process quality, and makes sure that operations are carried out in accordance with approved and required codes, using F&R manuals and procedures as guide lines. Final inspection is a part of our regulation to make sure "The job is done as it was supposed to." Most of the work done at F&R specially in cryogenic requires pressure testing. These tests may be hydrostatic or pneumatic. F&R written procedures comply with ASME nondestructive examinations code section V. F&R's Q.C. Manuals complying with ASME & DOT Codes; 1- Q.C. manual for manufacture repair and alteration of pressure vessels and the inspection, testing and repair of cargo transport vessels. 2- Q.C. manual for construction of Pressure Vessels and Pressure piping, in accordance with ASME CODES, which have the seal of approval by Alberta Boiler Safety Association. 3- F&R also has ten approved welding procedures for stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum. 4- F & R has two approved brazing procedures. FACILITIES AND EQUIPMENT: F&R Steelcraft is located at 3513F 78 Ave S.E. Calgary at the heart of Foothills Industrial section. It's convenient location and proximity to most of its customers allows customers to have first hand information about their ongoing projects. F&R enjoys a 23,040 sq. ft. covered facility as well as over 30,000 sq. ft. fenced, open space for its activities.

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F&R Steelcraft Industries 

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