First Industrial Co., Ltd. 

No.6 Beixing Road, Shigu Area, Tangxia Town,, Dongguan City, 广东 (Guangdong), 523710, China


First Industrial Co ., Ltd offers a wide range of services including product design, plastic injection molding , CNC machining , laser cutting, sheet metal bending, and lay-up mold making. Our skills and technology help clients solve any issue. 

We are one of the grey beards of Chinese manufacturing. Metal and plastic are our core competencies along with a more recent focus on sheet metal products. We are not only good at providing customers with high quality products at competitive prices but we also offer any consultation that may be needed regarding choosing the correct production technique.  

We also provide our customers with complete sourcing capability. We can easily handle large volume orders including intermediate aggregation and warehousing. Small volume orders and prototypes are also accepted, as we have no minimum order requirement.

We primarily serve markets in the US, Europe, and Canada where we enjoy long standing relationships based on service and quality.

Quality is our culture. Our goal is to make innovative products with the highest quality, at a competitive price, with prompt delivery. If you are interested in our company, we welcome you to visit our factory and learn more about our business.

Our Work

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Manufacturing Capabilities







Silicone Molding Machines 150 - 250 Tons

injeciton molding presses

5 axis CNC machine

CNC turning center No.1 (Make-Jyoti)

Injection molding machine

Engineering & Design

CNC 4 & 5 Axis Machining Centers

injeciton molding presses

Injection Molding 50 - 450T

injection molding machine tonnage from 80 to 450 tons

Metal Stamping Machine

CNC 4 & 5 Axis Machining Centers

Pressing Machine

Plastic Parts & Production

CNC laser cutter

Sheet Metal and Stamping

Laser Processing

Laser Processing

Laser piercing

laser cut egraving machine

Automation Equipment

Laser Cutter

DAVI 4 MCA 3022 Roller

CNC bending machine

3d measurement

CNC 4-Axis Machining

Laser Cutting Trumpf 3030, 3050, 7036

injeciting machine

CNC grinding machine

CNC drilling machine


CNC machine ; plastic injection machine

Plastic Injection Molding & Tooling

Product Design and Engineering

Laser Cutting

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ISO 9001:2015




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