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Avenida 15 # 104-76, Bogota D.C., Alabama, 01, United States


FALEK Latina C.I. S.A. is an entity dedicated to international commerce, acting as traders, brokers, sales and buy agents, and representatives of foreign companies, providing raw materials such as metals, minerals, chemicals, ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, to the big, medium and small industries in Colombia, S.A. and neighboring countries. FALEK Latina C.I. S.A., with approximately 20 years of experience in this field, is in constant search of new products and alliance innovations with the industrial sector, to better confront the challenges proposed by the worldwide globalization process, utilizing the most modern information and administration systems, aiming to satisfy customers requirements and our society. We are orientated, and compromised, to become a leading company in the commercialization of industrial raw materials in our country and the Andean Region, accomplishing this goal with the implementation of integral, efficient and trustworthy solutions along with strategic alliances between customers and suppliers. Our vision of business is an endless strive for excellence in forming successful relationships between parties, which in turn, will lead us to be among the best companies dedicated to this business in the region. Our company started operations in 1983, with the sole purpose of commercializing ferrous alloys in the local market. Ever since then, FALEK Latina C.I. S.A. has expanded its business areas and extended its product lines to satisfy today's important requirements of the following industries: Metallurgy and related areas, Chemical, Aluminum, Abrasives, Agriculture, Welding, Electroplating, and lately, Electrical and Sintered Components. AREA OF METALLURGY AND RELATED INDUSTRIES: We specialize in solving problematic supply needs of strategic raw materials to customers in the metallurgic and siderurgic sectors by offering a complete line of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, metals and others, used in these industries with products such as: additives, ferro-chromium, ferro-molybdenum, ferro-silicon, ferro-vanadium, ferro manganese, ferro-silicon-manganesium, graphite, graphite electrodes, metallic silicon, phos-copper, electrolytic copper, metallic tin, calcium-silicon, calcium carbide, fluorspar, electrolytic manganesium, nickel, magnesium, calcined petroleum coke, inoculants, cored wire, oxygen lances, burning lances, steel pipes and special coated pipes for different applications. AREA OF ALUMINUM INDUSTRY: We have an active participation in this industry by providing products such as: grain refiners (Al-Ti-B) of various specs., hardeners, aluminum based alloys, metallic silicon and magnesium. AREA OF ABRASIVES AND ELECTROPLATING INDUSTRIES: We deliver integral solutions to this sector of industry with the supply of essential raw materials like: fluorspar, silicon carbide, calcium carbide, nickel salts, tin salts, chromic acid, nickel squares, tin brighteners, zinc and base brighteners, sodium allylsulfonate, anisic aldehyde, phos copper and electrolytic copper. AREA OF AGRICULTURE AND CHEMICALS INDUSTRIES: This sector is provided with the most specialized raw materials for the pre-mixed feed made for animal consumption, such as: sodium selenite, potassium iodate, potassium iodide, cobalt carbonate; in the chemical sector, with products like aluminum hydroxide, among others. AREA OF WELDING INDUSTRY : Our strong presence in this segment of industry is confirmed by the supplies of ferrous alloy powders, fluorspar, rutile sand, ilmenite, nickel and chromium powders, aluminum and iron powders, welding powders, aluminum and nickel wire rods and coils, stainless steel wire rods and coils, and others, that we provide for manufacturing of welding electrodes. AREA OF ELECTRIC INDUSTRY: Although we are relatively new in this area, we apply our extensive experience to acquire the best products for customers, such as: copper wire rods and coils, copper wire and cables, bare and tin coated of various specs. and bunching that a client may need for different applications. AREA OF SINTERED COMPONENTS INDUSTRY: Even though the sintered industry is relatively new in our country, we are presently working to familiarize this sector, with a product line of sintered bushings that are self-lubricants, oiled and graphited, iron powders and metallic sands with applications for automobiles, electrical appliances, hardware and industrial use; this product line widely covers the needs of american, european and asian equipment. AREA PETROCHEMICAL: We can and are in technical-commercial capacity to sumistrar: Catalysts of Niquel and Vanadium, aluminum Minerals, Oxides, phenolic Resins, stainless Wires, filter Tubes of copper and brass, Filters and means for liquids and dusts, different Chemical agents; Electrical conductors; among others.

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