Engtek Precision Philippines, Inc.

Lot10, Phase2A, Special Export Processing Zone,, Calamba, 0, Philippines


Global Recognition Leading the way in innovative engineering solutions & services. Having pioneered the growth of the precision engineering manufacturing and technology industry for more than three decades, Engtek Group has attained global recognition as regional manufacturing powerhouse. Anchored by its Penang based parent company. Eng Teknologi Holdings Bhd, the Group's Integrated Engineering Centre's top-notch manufacturing facilities of more than 700,000 sq ft with approximately 1,000 units of CNC machines are strategically located throughout Asia Pacific Region, enabling it to meet its customer's specific requirements. Backed by strong financial and human resources management systems a team of about 5,000 skilled employees, the Group's manufacturing facilities spanning across Malaysia, China, Thailand and the Philippines, aims to maximize its productivity, efficiency and overall capacity utilization to satisfy the demands and projections of the industry. Through progressive installations of state-of-the-art machinery, Engtek Group is committed in the areas of technology and advancements, globalize presence, offering world-class quality products and cost competitiveness and be responsive to customers' needs and challenges. Corporate Responsibility Engtek is committed to continuously grow its business with consistent profitability with the purposes of enhancing the value of our shareholders and the well-being of our employees. In carrying on our business, we apply the latest technology for effectiveness and to attain the best customer satisfaction. We promote the preservation of the environment and contribute towards the development of the community where we operate. Core Values Success built upon vital founding values. Competent, Lean, Resilient, Responsive, Speedy Core Business - Products & Services Engtek Group's core business is categorized into the Data Storage Group (DSG) that primarily focus into the Hard Disk Drive and Tape Back-up Drive industry and the Industrial Product Group (IPG) that focus into the Electrical & Electronics and Industrial Mechanical Sectors. Its' integrated manufacturing services equipped with advanced technology provide precision mechanical components and assemblies, precision machining and engineering design and pressure die casting. Quality Commitment Engtek's growth and continuous success is hinged on its commitment to excel and to ensure value-added services and products to its customers. To ensure the attainment of high and impeccable quality as well as trust for its products and services - a commitment which has been revealed in many of its plants achieving the ISO 9002, ISO 14000, ISO 18000 and other accreditations such as the ROHAS, and various accolades and awards, received by the group throughout the years. Social Responsibility Engtek Group encourages good responsibility practices and embraces good business ethics to achieve success through its guiding principle as emphasized in its Corporate Responsibility Statement. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is adopted region-wide at all its subsidiary locations. Recognizing CSR as an ongoing commitment and striking a balance of business and social responsibility. Commitment to Be The Best in Class Engtek Group strives to fulfill total customer satisfaction and are committed in the areas of technology and advancement globalised presence, offering world-class quality products and cost competitiveness and be responsive to its customers' needs and challenges.

Manufacturing Capabilities


CNC machine

CNC Auto Lathe

CNC Lathe (Chucker)

Electro-Chemical Deburring (ECD)

Vapor Degreasing Machine

Ultrasonic Washing Machine

coordinate measuring machine (CMM)

Company Details

Company Type

Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer



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ISO 14001

ISO/TS 16949

ISO 9001:2008



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