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DYNA-MIG is a Division of FP Mfg., Inc. Our core values are safety, quality, and productivity. We take great pride in these values and always keep them in mind when manufacturing our various types of cold forged parts. Cold forging, also known as cold forming or cold heading, is a high speed forging process where coiled wire at room temperature is precisely cut to length, then moved through a succession of tool and die cavities to displace the material into a desired shape. DYNA-MIG has two 300T Sakamura cold forgers and one 320T National Machinery forger. Current annual capacity on 2 shifts is 36 Million pieces, and on 3 shifts is 54 Million pieces. The outer diameter can range from 14 mm to 42 mm, the inner diameter from 5 mm to 25 mm, and the length from 8 mm to 100 mm. Tooling design can be done onsite to reduce lead time. These cold forged parts can be made of steel or aluminum. DYNA-MIG supplies cold forged parts to many OEM's, Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies across various platforms, such as Toyota, Honda, and GM.

Manufacturing Capabilities


CNC Machining

300T Sakamura BPF-650

300T Sakamura BPF-650 forming machin

300T Sakamura BPF-650 forming machine

320T National Machinery Formax XXV former


auto parts

AUTO Parts

CNC machining


has two 300T Sakamura cold forgers

one 320T National Machinery forger

One 320T National Machinery Formax XXV former

Performance Test Machine


Surface grinders: 1 set

two 300T Sakamura BPF-650 forming machines

two 300T Sakamura cold forgers

Company Details



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ISO 14001

ISO/TS 16949




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