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We are one of the leading manufacturers with more than 10000? in China. We have cooperated with Hella, Continental, Magna for several years. We can offer services of CNC Machining( 3-5axis ), 3D Printing, Vacuum Casting, Rapid Tooling, Rapid Production, injection Molding, Metal plating for your parts development. Our advantages below: 1. The price: Generally 30%-50% lower than suppliers of the same industry. 2. Lead time: We have more than 50 sets of CNC machines, all your prototypes that can be made in a couple of days. 3. Quality Assurance: We are fully equipped with every kind of inspection equipment, such as: CMM, Projector, Spectrometer, Optical Magnify Glass, Hight Guage etc. 4. Premium Service: You will get our exclusive services from our account manager and project manager from concept to production.

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