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Dong Gyeong Precision Industrial Co., 


Dong Gyeong Precision Industrial Co., established since 2000 and we have extensive experiences that specialize in High Precision Cutting Machining Parts. We are well-equipped to accommodate high volume jobs as well as those that involve high mix but low volume jobs. Besides, we also specialize in the following: - · Hydraulic Parts; · Auto Parts; · Industrial Equipment; · Shipbuilding Materials. We have professional staffs that are well-trained and they have professional certificates that can assure your parts quality meet to your requirement and tolerance. In the current harsh Economic situation, Dong Gyeong continues growth with the support from our "Trusted" customers. In order to stay competitive, we have machines that exhibit characteristics such as advanced processing equipment and highly accurate QA equipments to ensure our product quality is at its best with Quality Assurance machines. Besides, we also have all the necessary small tools from calipers, to micrometer, thread gauges, pin block gauge, surface roughness tester and other necessary checking equipment to enable us to measure every dimension that is specified in the drawing. Dong Gyeong's business methodology is to: - · Develop long-term business partner relationship; · Deliver High Quality products; · Have Time Cost saving mindset; · Ensure on-time delivery; · Assure problem solving We are continuing learning and providing the best quality parts to our customers in order to become the leader in the "Precision Cutting Machining" Industry. Hence, you can be rest assured that Dong Gyeong Precision Industrial Co., is the High Precision Cutting Machining Company of your choice. Together with our dedicated workforce, reliable machinery, high accuracy QA machines, and machining experience, we trust that we can deliver your precision machining needs with the desired quality level at a competitive rate! Please do send your precision parts' technical drawings to our company email address at: cendudol@daum.net and we will gladly provide you with a quote for your reference and consideration. Thank you for your time and we look forward to discuss your precision machining needs with us!

Manufacturing Capabilities


10 ton crane

14x60 Graziano Sag 14

Assemble Equipment

Barfeed Machine

Chiron 3D Printer

CNC Lathe 10

CNC Lathe 12

CNC Lathe 3

CNC Lathe 6

Electrical Discharge Micron Spark Machine

grinding machines


Gun Drill Machine

ISO 14001

MCT Machine

Measuring and Control Instruments

Measuring microscope

Mill Bridgeport

Screw & nuts


Trumpf 3030 Laser

Company Details



MFG Member Since





ISO 14001

ISO 9001:2008



Dong Gyeong Precision Industrial Co., 

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