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Custom Plastics, Inc. 

1940 Lunt Ave, Elk Grove Village, Illinois, 60007, United States


Incorporated in 1953

Your Single Source Partner For: Custom Molding, Custom Profile Extrusions, Assembly, Printing, Packaging and More...

ISO 9001 Quality System.

Injection Molding - Profile Extrusion

Custom Plastics, Inc. has a history of quality plastics manufacturing dating back to 1953. Custom Plastics has developed expertise in all phases of plastic processing while pioneering the growth of plastics in the American market. We specialize in custom injection molding and custom profile extrusion of thermoplastics for such industries as Automotive, Appliances, Electronics, Lighting, Office, Home equipment and more.

Customer Needs Come First.

Our dedication is to quality, on time delivery and unsurpassed customer service, by incorporating an ISO 9001 quality system. We have sales engineers and total project management, as well as assigned customer service representatives.

Engineering/Design - Pro/E Cad Cam In-House Material Compounding and Blending For Our Extrusion Department (PVC - UL Rated V/O and V5) Tooling Is Designed, Built and Maintained In House. Partial list of material CPI can mold or extrude: Extrusion Rigid PVC Flexible PVC HIPS GP Styrene ABS Acrylic Polycarbonate Noryl Geloy Rovel Polyethylene Polypropylene Buterate PETG Valox TPE TPR SAN Prevex Hi Molecular Weight PE CPVC Iniection Molding PVC SAN HIPS GP Styrene ABS Acrylic Polycarbonate Noryl Geloy Valox Polyethylene Polypropylene Buterate Nylon Glass Filled Nylon Hi Molecular Weight PE PETG Acetal Ultem

Our Mission Statement: We, the employees of Custom Plastics, Inc. will cooperate and strive for continuous improvement in our daily responsibilities and our plant operations. Our foundation will be based on ever improving communication and the establishment of teamwork, in order to consistently achieve delivering quality products on time. We commit to be accountable for our actions, and assume ownership and pride in the results. With this commitment, together we assure a prosperous, growing organization.

Our Work

Manufacturing Capabilities


Injection molding machine

die-cutting workshop

(1) Amada FBD3, 220 Ton, 14 Bed w/7 Axis

CNC machines: 30 sets

CNC Machines Milling

refrigeration products


LED lighting fixture produce

Lighting Fixtures

Lighting Fixtures

(1) Amada FBD3, 240 Ton, 14' Bed w/7 Axis

Injection molding

Plastic Molding

Plastic Extrusion


Finishing & Assembly


In-house Tool and Die Shop


Company Details

Company Type




MFG Member Since



United States


ISO 9001:2000





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